Welcome to my blog! My name is Ciara Leilani. Thank you for visiting. I’m sincerely honored to have you spend a few moments of your time here with me.

I believe wholeheartedly that all true ministry comes out of intimacy with Jesus Christ. Healing and deliverance remain for us as provisions of Christ’s atoning work. That is where my blog was birthed out of, true intimacy with Jesus through prayer and fasting. I envision my blog being one continuous love letter from God’s heart to his people. You can read words He has spoken to me for you under the Prophetic Words tab on the drop down menu.

I am confident each time you check in, you will read refreshing posts carefully drafted to build you up by way of inspiration, conviction and divinely inspired words of wisdom.

This blog is undoubtedly a work of the Holy Spirit. No one had to tell me there was a fight for my soul between the Kingdom of Light and Kingdom of Darkness. I carried the chains of bondage for twenty-years over my soul before finally surrendering to Jesus.

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I share this video depiction of a radical rescue operation that happened between King Jesus and my lost soul. It is my hope, that as you watch how Jesus became my Redeemer you instantly think of the person, maybe even yourself that needs rescuing. Because of the power of his shed-blood, the chains of demonic bondage and shackles of shame were exchanged for a Robe of Righteousness. Now through the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, I am boldly testifying and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the good news that Jesus, the Savior (the Deliverer) has come to bring deliverance and healing to the whole man. The spirit of man is delivered from death by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit, and the body and personality made whole through His healing touch and/or by deliverance from unclean spirits.  

Wherever you are in your walk with Christ whether you’re at the starting line or on your last leg of the journey called life, never forget the beautiful promise of Jeremiah 32:40.

“I will make an everlasting covenant with them, never to stop treating them graciously. I will put into their hearts a sense of awe for me so that they won’t turn away from me.” Jeremiah 32:40

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In His service,