November 22, 2015

by: Ciara Leilani

Each entry into a doorway requires a person to either step up or down in order to pass “through”. Regardless if the person is immobile and forced to utilize mechanical help, or solicit the assistance of genuine bystanders. The doorway is a means to enter into or exit from one location to another. The doorsteps of your life can be stumbling blocks for your mission if not carefully measured.

I submit to you, it is imperative where you place your feet when in motion towards your next season. Your destiny does not wait for you to position your feet in perfectly aligned places in order to get there faster. No, your destiny awaits your motivation to stay on the right track. How often have you been distracted from a dream or vision you once held? How many new-year resolutions have you begun only to experience sheer failure less than one month into the new-year? Watching what you align your steps to, means you’re watching how you’re getting to your destiny.

I used to enjoy the scenic route on all of my family road trips. I can remember my Dad driving that old beat-up blue van across the Texas borders on the way to Georgia. The beautiful trees and country grounds always caught my eye. I will say, as an adult I still find myself driving to serene locations in the middle of nowhere. Why? I get off track every now and then to simply remember why I started on that road to begin with. See, life requires balance in order to be effective and worthwhile. The balance I’m referring to is a life of conviction mixed with humility. A life of celebration mixed with consecration. Jesus never tells us to take our hands off of the wheel. He simply asks us to trust Him with the directions.

I imagine some of you are accustomed to grinding away day in and day out, while providing the means for you and your loved ones to have a well balanced life. If this is true, allow me to pose a few questions to you in order to bring things into perspective.

  • How effective are you at taking breaks in between the hustle and bustle of workflow in order to see the results of your labor?
  • Do you take that nicely “paid for” car out in the town for a spin?
  • Have you ever rented a cottage away from the noise, to simply enjoy the peace of mind God has given you?
  • If at all possible, can you plan an evening with friends with one goal in mind, laughter?

My friend, through the Holy Spirit, you will reach your destination on time and in good shape. With his guidance and gifts, your life will not be summed up as full of regrets and disappointments. God never forgets why he directed you onto the path you find no use for. In fact, He knows what you will learn while traveling that road and when to steer you off of it. Don’t rush God’s plans for selfish fulfillments. If God gave you and I the timekeeper job, I believe we would have been terminated a long time ago.

“For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live].” Ephesians 2: 10

Trusting God is what this entire journey of life is all about. Without trust you have nothing including currency. Faith is the currency of heaven. By way of exchange, this currency meets not only your needs but also others. Let the Lord show you to your nearest doorstep of opportunity. Remember, your life can be full of opposition or opportunities it’s all up to your level of submission to God’s will through your obedience.

Today’s declaration:

I DECLARE, in the name of Jesus Christ I will stand obedient to the plans and purposes God has for my life. I am more than able to enjoy the good gifts given to me by the Holy Spirit. I choose to be more grateful of the doorsteps I’ve arrived at and the doorways I’ve been brought through. I am the head and not the tail in any situation on earth. I commit to always make myself available for the Lord’s use regardless of the location. I am bold. I am faithful. I am triumphant in all that I set my heart to do in Jesus name. I declare as of this day, I am entering into my protected space as decreed by God the Father.”

In Jesus name. Amen!

–Ciara Leilani

One thought on “Doorsteps

  1. This is so good!
    You can’t go wrong allowing all guidance and instruction from the Holy Spirit. Him being all knowing, He knows when to redirect to protect His purpose for our lives.


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