November 27, 2015
by: Ciara Leilani

Reconciliation is by far the most important decision you and I will ever make while owning a heartbeat. The idea that relationships grow sour and lives become altered due to corrupt generational curses are the very reasons Jesus came to planet Earth. He came for one main reason, that He might expose and destroy the works of darkness. By doing so, mankind would come into the Knowledge of Truth which would ultimately free us to make a decision of our own free-will to choose life. Jesus came to Earth to confront the wickedness of darkness as the only means of truth humanity would ever encounter. Jesus is the Life you and I need, and the Truth God’s people were void of before his arrival. John gives us exactly why Jesus left his glorious kingdom to a corrupt and vile world.
 “The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.” 1 John 3:8
His arrival changed the course of humanity forever. As I sit here writing, I can’t help but understand that my salvation, my understanding of the truth and the Kingdom of God, my reconciliation to the Most High as my Father comes by default of Jesus’s purpose. By destroying the devil’s work, Jesus made it known which kingdom reigned over the other. Giving me a true choice. Giving all of us a true choice! He exposed truth from error and shined pure love directly into utter darkness leaving men, women, boys and girls with an understanding of eternal Salvation as opposed to eternal Damnation.

I’m grateful. So grateful that I was one of the innumerable amount of souls who have been drawn unto Him for salvation. A full pardon of the sin, awaits those who accept the call of God. Jesus identifies this hard truth, that no man can come to salvation unless called.
For no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me, and at the last day I will raise them up.” John 6:44 NIV
Every human being born whether Asian or European, Hispanic, Russian or African will face a moment in time where they must choose life or death before departing the land of the living. Life is with Jesus conversely death is without him. The eternal punch clock never goes out of business and will never be stopped, until the day the Most High says so. Reconciliation is by far the most important reaction involving humanity and eternity. Those who have accepted Jesus as the true Messiah have reacted to his sacrifice by making a personal decision which solidifies their destination in eternity. The sole purpose of Jesus coming down to earth was for all of mankind to be reconciled with His Father in eternity.
All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” 2 Corinthians 5:18
By exposing the darkness in this world, Jesus provided you and I the means needed to have all that would be needed in order to make an eternal decision. Without knowing it, millions of people have chosen and continue to choose eternity apart from God as they reject the Gospel or even the messengers who declare the truth.
Like many, I made many misguided decisions that would have affected my eternal destination without my true understanding of the ramifications. I wish it were easy, choosing life as opposed to remaining comfortable in sin. It may not be the easiest choice however it is the most important one. Choosing Jesus over every single thing you’ve ever been taught is also the most costly decision you’ll ever make. If it were a free or cheap decision to be made, Jesus Christ would not have had to suffer such violence unto death. As a result, Jesus PAID the debt required in order for you to be able to make the decision of choosing him without having to suffer the gruesome cost sin requires of each soul. As a result of his selfless act, the Gospel which is the translation of the Greek noun, “The Good News” or “to bring or announce good news” has been identified as free not cheap.
From the beginning of time, humanity has been lost and still today many are lacking knowledge of The Way unto salvation.  Many assume time is on their side which grants them ample opportunity to live life with meaningless commitments like career endeavors, familial dreams and marital covenants. I do not believe these areas of human life are invaluable, on the contrary in my opinion they’re a type and shadow of the nature of a living and loving God. What I do believe, is that these areas of life fall into a clear second place to the commitment necessary in order to secure an eternity with God. Life is not worth living unless Jesus is at the center of it. Without His love oozing over you daily and His grace covering your decisions, at best you’re living blind with no real direction of your next chapter of life. I’ve seen how a false sense of security within the human heart can be puffed up by wealth, fame, personal intelligence, wit and physical attraction. They mask your visibility of spiritual matters while leading your footsteps onto deceptive and hardened pathways of false realities. I know because I walked those pathways with those same puffed up security blankets wrapped tightly around my soul. Had it not been for God’s call of salvation for my soul, I would still be living blind in darkness with no hope for reconciliation. The moment I made a personal decision to choose Jesus as my Lord, I also made a decision to put away all childish ways. Those childish ways included gossiping, fornication, greed, selfishness, and much more. I realized in order for me to truly understand the cost paid for all of humanity on Calvary, I needed to put all of my wants aside. I needed to accept that without Jesus, I would continue to remain a hopeless slave to sin entrapped in a spiritual battle between his good and satan’s evil. I made that decision in May of 2012, and have kept my commitment to Jesus ever since. No day has been an easy or perfectly smooth day on this side of redemption. In fact, I cry out to God daily while asking for his protection, guidance and mercy. If there have been easier days than others it simply means God’s grace covered me that much more, in order to prevent me from experiencing what Jesus already paid for (condemnation, fear, sickness, shame etc.).
My friend, time is just as much a creation of God’s masterpiece as you are. Time can not bring you closer to God, but it can keep you from him. Don’t let time waste away precious moments that could be recorded between you and Jesus forever. Your heart needs daily reconciliation to its original state. As a being made in God’s image, love is your original DNA. The powers of darkness in this world have no logical response to the Power of Love from Jesus himself. Therefore, it is imperative that you ask God to expose within you what is of him and what is not. He will do it because he loves you and wants you to live as a victorious citizen of his kingdom while here on Earth. Your life matters to God! The details of your life are extremely valuable to him. He sent his only Son to die a violent death solely to have you reconciled with him forever. You do not have to live day-to-day hoping tomorrow is better than today or even yesterday. You may not know what tomorrow looks like for you or your family but God does. He knows and wants to give you the security that only one can gain from having Him inside of their heart. I encourage you today to be reconciled to God through his loving Son, Jesus Christ.
Say this prayer with me, it’s a prayer of reconciliation.
Father, I’ve been gone far too long from your covering. I want reconciliation just as much as I want acceptance. Please forgive me for not knowing how to live for and with you. I believe Jesus is your Son, who died on a cross for the remission of my sin. His death paid the full price of the wages of sin and have freed me to accept salvation. I chose freedom Father. I confess, I need a savior and your love within my life. I invite you into my heart now to live within me forever. I surrender my life, and everything that pertains to me to you. Lord, I need healing in my heart and freedom in my soul. I need friends from your Kingdom to replace the ones I have from the world. Lord, I want to be led by your Holy Spirit to live a life of righteousness. Help me Father! I willfully surrender everything within me and ask for forgiveness of my sins and those of my forefathers before me. Father, please allow this day to begin a new promise for my inheritance. As an act of my free-will, I choose to serve Jesus Christ now and forevermore. Please accept my confession as my declaration and means to reconciliation with you.” In Jesus name, Amen!

Ciara Leilani

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