My Open Letter

January 2, 2016

by: Ciara Leilani

Heavenly Father,

Here is an open letter written before Your eyes for all to participate in the edifying of Your existence. You are a remarkably faithful God who keeps covenants with all who enter into solemn promise with you. You extend the lives of the hurting so they might experience Your hands and feet through Your servants here on earth. Your heart moves with compassion for the lost, even though Your Word cannot be defiled or replaced. All will speak the words you have written, “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

Father, this new year is like thousands of others which began with a first day full of joy and laughter, as well as hopeful plans and bright resolutions. Many have begun this year in prayer while on their knees. They’ve prayed to a god, even if it was not you-The Most High God. 

Father, as your plans begin to be made manifest in our natural realm, we ask that you extend Your hand of mercy on those souls who remain lost with temporary blindness and amnesia. Lord, your ways are perfect and your promises are true. This year, bring these individuals into an encounter of Your indescribable Glory that will forever change their lives for Your namesake. Allow them to have radical experiences of your nature without filters. Bring to them Agents of Change from your Kingdom, who will walk with them in love as the deliverance and healing process is made complete. Give us stamina and strength to carry forth to completion the promises we made to one another. We honor you Father for the level of mercy you have granted for each individual whether great or small, we are all the same in your eyes.

Father, our nation is in a steady decline without awareness of Your hand being withdrawn from us. I petition you to remember the fervent and righteous prayers of Your remnant at this critical hour. Please return Your hand over America and bring us to our knees in repentance of our blatant disregard for Your Sovereignty. Reach deep into your arsenal and destroy the works of satan in every home, community, school system, government official and presidential candidate. Remove the stains of inequality, rejection and rebellion from our familial bloodlines. Extend our borders of influence as we learn to bless our brothers and sisters overseas. We want to return to being a blessed nation as it is written in Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” We honor you Lord and will remain steadfast to seek your face not only Your hands.

Father, many young people find themselves disinterested in the ways of the Lord or the purposes of church fellowship and have been drawn to wicked cult activities, rebellious demonstrations and public perversion. We need a revival across our nation to ignite the passion that was once alive for you oh Lord. Bring us a sweeping move of your Holy Spirit whom we know has not departed from us; however we understand that it is because He has been restricted by man-made rules, religions, and doctrines that have rendered Him unable to penetrate our greatest areas of need. Forgive us Lord! You made a way through the death and resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ to have life full of supernatural power and influence. Please sovereign Lord, help us return to being a nation that blesses before she borrows, forgives before she accuses, promotes Your ways instead of our own, welcomes the foreigners instead of rejecting them and honors your precepts instead of defiling them. We have great need of You oh Lord!

Teach us oh Lord to follow Your ways. Your ways, if followed will bring answers to the pestilence that plagues our people and land, will restore Godly marriages, will bring reconciliation to our cultures, debt relief, along with protection for our world against the evil one. We are an absentminded generation who is in need of reminders concerning Your faithfulness in years past. Remind us, how you moved during The Great Awakening of 1734, The Second Great Awakening in 1800, The Business Revival of 1857, The Civil War Revival of 1861, The Urban Revivals of 1875, The Welsh Revival of 1904, The Azusa Street Revival of 1906, The Post World War II Revival which brought forth Reverend Billy Graham, The Brownsville Revival and The Promise Keepers Revival. So remind those who have forgotten how you’ve paved the way for total redemption and freedom. Remind us anyway you can, so that many more souls will come into Your kingdom before their final hour arrives.

We thank you for the many blessings which have come to our doorsteps. We thank you for the food we have been freely given to strengthen our bodies. We thank you for the safety and security of rooftops over our heads and comfortable beds beneath our bones. We thank you for clothing that provides warmth and covering for our bodies. We thank you for allowing us the privilege of reproducing after our own kind. We thank you for medicine which is not restricted but available for our greater good. We thank you for cancelling our debts and restoring what was lost while teaching us how to war for what was stolen from the thief and liar. We thank you for supplying all of our needs according to your purpose even if we neglected to recognize it was you all along who has been our Supplier. You are the Way! This year, in the year of 2016, help our unbelief oh Lord. Help us to be stronger in our faith and less cynical in our discussions. Help us to see from your perspective as opposed to our hopeless vision. We have great need of you oh Lord. May Your ways far exceed the ways of the wayward church as we reach millions for your glory in 2016! May you release from Your own bosom what we need to destroy the works of darkness in and around our communities. May fasting and praying become a lifestyle in rekindling our positions as Sons and Daughter of the Most High God. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

Ciara Leilani

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