Lord Have Your Way

March 25, 2016  

by: Ciara Leilani 

Recently I wrote a lengthy but bold prayer that places the Lord’s way before my own. I hope you will pray this prayer out loud and go with me on this journey before the holy throne room of God for our nation, humanity and for a massive shaking to sweep this earth. This prayer is for you and I to remember God is named El Roi for a reason. He listens and hears the prayers of His children.

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I effectively and fervently pray this prayer to a living and conscious God. A God who listens to the lost and encourages the righteous. May these words of petition be submitted with reverent awe before a glorious throne of majestic wonder. 

Father, your Word says I may come before you and ask anything in the name of your Son Jesus. Therefore, it is in the name of Jesus that I boldly ask for you to completely restore this nation to a place of holiness and submissiveness. May the leaders who do not live publicly as they do privately be exposed and removed to make room for your chosen vessels. I ask in Jesus name, that you sweep this nation with a move of your Spirit that will quickly and swiftly rebuke all falsehoods, while raising up the faith in babes. For your Glory, heal the sick right where they stand or lay. Destroy the strongholds set up by the enemy in and around the homes of your faithful followers. Return the prodigal sons and daughters from the nest of lies, deceit, corruption and lust. Remove the scales off of the lives of those blinded with pride. Rip apart the false idols who misrepresent your name and character in the halls of Justice across this nation, and in every building professing to be your house.

Give us this day, a new sense of awe of your wonder Father. Remind us of your holiness by sovereignly shaking the ground we walk upon in confidence. Yoke us to your Word in these last days Father. Yoke our children to your nature and remove anything that has them bound for an eternity apart from you. Give those who sacrifice for your glory a double portion of strength, relief and confidence so they may continue down the road of redemption. Remove the blinders from those who assume they are serving you obediently, so they may see the idols in their hearts. Refresh this nations status as world leader when we deserve the privilege of receiving your honorary rights. Until then Father, rain down your mercy in place of judgment. 

We belong to you. We’ve always belonged to you Father. Many have been redeemed by the purchase Jesus made on Calvary but many more still are unclaimed by your Holy Spirit. Father, release those who have revival within their hearts to be uncomfortable in their communities, churches, families and even their alone times until what you’ve sent them to do on earth is fulfilled. Expose each false religious tradition, correct the lazy sinner and prideful teacher of your Word. Guide those who refuse to be open for others needs, as more and more souls fall deeper into addiction, homelessness, depression and traps of bondage. Give us less of the mundane and more of the supernatural here in our own hearts, homes, weekly services and communities. Remove the safety zone of comfort Lord. Teach us how to no longer be comfortable with yesterday’s presence, but how to approach your Throne Room daily for new! 

Father, for your glory raise up those which the religious systems have said weren’t welcome, couldn’t be included and would not accept your chosen. Raise up ex-drug dealers to your pulpits, ex-homosexuals to evangelize the streets and the spiritually dead to a place of splendor for your glory! We are a people who define ourselves by the word, Remnant. You defined what a Remnant is by saying to me


A remnant of people are those whom I have set apart not as last or leftover but chosen from the whole bunch. A people set apart to do my bidding in these last days. A people who will walk to and fro for My Glory regardless of the resistance towards them from mankind. A people who call Me by name and declare what is rightfully theirs. A people who aren’t ashamed to fight for the injustice of society while laying hold of what is My Will. A people who dare to raise awareness for the oppressed, while seeking relief for the orphans. A people who call me Lord, and truly allow Me to be their God. The remnant are a chosen people who will pave the way for My Glory to arrive. They DO my will because they KNOW my will

May your Glory arrive here in the United States of America in this season as we, the Remnant, who have been set apart do your bidding regardless of who agrees or not. I am yours Lord, and seal these petitions with the Blood of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

—Ciara Leilani


2 thoughts on “Lord Have Your Way

  1. Ciara this could have only come from the prophetic side of who you are. Reading this echoes the words spiritually emailed to me about 2 years ago and really lets me know what you are really called to in this hours. I love watching purpose rise to the top of what God is doing in someone’s life please give me a call. We have much to talk about.
    God Blessings
    Bishop Scarbrough

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