You Are Worthy!

April 13, 2016

by: Ciara Leilani

I feel the drawing from the Holy Spirit to praise the MOST HIGH so much so, that every fiber of my being and every neuron of my brain is overwhelmed. Anytime the Lord draws us, I believe it’s an immediate opportunity to get under an open heaven through the presence of the Lord! You know that kind of worship that makes you stop everything that you’re doing and call out His many names….then bow in reverence. I ask, how far will you let me go? How abandoned will you let me be before you extend the boarders you’ve sent me to? Lord you are so worthy of my song through my breath, my dance through my strength and even my sorrow through my dedication! Why sorrow? Because in that sorrow I recognize how dependent I am on you Jesus. How desperate my spirit is for your powerful affirmation and confirmation! How freeing is your presence when I welcome you in.

You’re amazing! You’re worthy! You’re all consuming! You’re confirming! You’re peaceful! You’re Holy! You’re worthy..worthy..worthy! I’m amazed at the things you do. No one compares to you. No accomplishment I’ve acquired in my youth compare to the day, hour, second and millisecond that I welcomed you into my heart. You are worthy! So worthy of my devoted time of consecration and relentless pursuit! Whoooooo! I shout with all of Heaven as I call out to your name. The only name that carries Power, Authority, Justice, Destiny, Freedom, Deliverance, Life and Resurrecting elements within itself. Your name is the only name that hell responds to. May the anointing you’ve placed on my life repel the enemy when he attempts to come deceitfully or illegally.

I declare my love for you! I will sing out with the multitudes. For the revival of lost and unsaved souls is NOW! I don’t care about receiving the many repercussions from those who do not understand the supernatural effects of partnering with all of Heaven in worshiping YOU. Jesus see me Lord…see your daughter…see my heart, it is for you oh Lord. My God, my Emmanuel, Adonai, Jehovah Gibhor, El Elyon, Jehovah Tsidkenu, El Shaddai, Elohim, Jehovah Sabaoth, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Shammah…..

I believe in you Jesus. You are the God of miracles!! I believe in you which makes me qualified in your name to cast out devils, lay hands on the sick and watch them recover, raise the dead and speak in new tongues! No one who signs up for your army is guaranteed life, in fact we must be willing to lay down our lives.

Papa, we cannot make it without you. If you require, I will pay the price alongside oh so many, to see revival in your land-America. America!! America, rise up by bowing to your knees under the throne of the Almighty God. The one whose Angels lower their wings and bow in reverence of Him! You America, were created to be a nation of LIBERTY. So rise up Army-of-the-Most-High God, rise up to your rightful place of authority by speaking life! Take your heart before the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent God and surrender it as a sacrifice to be searched and purified.

Father, we know that you are the only living and true God that walks, and speaks. You are totally aware of yourself, totally immortal, totally worthy of a mere mortal’s reverence and adoration…you are the essence of love.

I worship you when everything is going right, and when it’s going totally wrong, for you are the reason I breath and live abundantly; protected in an unjust world. I live successfully free from the snare of iniquity and the binding sin that once claimed my image. All because of you. Rise up Jehovah and scatter your enemies from among your daughter’s sphere of influence. Take what little authority you’ve given me and expand it to the areas that include the oppressed, the insane, the bound, the hurting, the broken, the lost, the diseased, the spiritually dead FOR YOUR GLORY! I don’t want to go to places that know it all or feel they don’t need nor want your glory. No, Father send me to the most desperate of havens for the Son of God – Jesus to be glorified. I am here to worship you! Holy Spirit, as I type these words, I feel your presence encircling all around and on top of me. I know the obedient Angels who stand reverently near me, do so in total obedience to your orders and assignments for my life.

I worship you on this platform and every other you’ve permitted. May the day of my judgment be filled with examples of how my deeds glorified the everlasting Omega known as Alpha! You be glorified be made famous…you be made known. Remove my name from every platform but one. May my name forever remain permanently in the Book of Life for all of eternity! May my life resemble the mighty work you’ve done in the spirit realm by our own authority when you broke the chains and shackles of bondage! May my life resemble the Power you carry to open cages of oppression and blindness. May the prodigals come flooding out during my lifetime Lord!

Oh mighty God, I know that I know, I am worthy of your Son’s death. I am worthy of His precious shed blood, for it is in that shed blood that my soul has been healed, my heart has been made whole, my spirit is no longer crushed but is now alive and thriving! I worship you with my whole being! All parts of me worship you my Lord. If you were to tarry and should my eyesight fail and my voice lose it’s strength may my fingers remain strong to write what my spirit is shouting!

I bow down and worship you Jehovah for your daughter, Ciara Leilani adores you and magnifies your name. I am that I am because you have inscribed your name on my heart and marked my head with your name! I am yours Jesus…may every witness in earth, under the earth, in the spirit realm and third heaven know that I belong to Jesus Christ. Oh what a sweet name to utter.

Ciara Leilani

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