When Revelation Comes & You Didn’t Expect It

May 29, 2016

by: Ciara Leilani

Sitting up on my hotel bed, as the early morning hours greeted my mind and body, I looked towards my left and noticed streams of light piercing through the dark room. With my sleepy eyes, I followed the light rays as they entered my very comfortable dark room. I found one central point of entry, the windows. I noticed the windows were draped with cloth and even a second layer for added darkness. Thinking to myself, how then is this light piercing through these heavy drapes and the shades behind them? Almost as quickly as I posed that question in my mind, this revelation came to me at that juncture:

Light does not illuminate darkness, it pierces it. The light shining through needs only a small opportunity to reach all the way through the darkness. Although there may be barriers between the light and darkness, if given an opportunity, light will always win. Darkness is truly the absence of light. Having window curtains on my hotel window created an illusion that the atmosphere around me was totally dark when in fact it was actually completely illuminated. The only place of darkness was inside this room where the barriers blocked the light from coming in. Those barriers were the window shades and drapes clinging to the windows. Brilliant bright lights pierced my dark room with one small opening between the window curtains. Notice how when it’s dark that is when one falls asleep, but the moment light shines in it’s a cue. It says, c’mon it’s time to get up and get going! This small but very real analogy of how light pierces darkness was highlighted to me by the Holy Spirit this morning. Some would say Ciara, that revelation was very simple to figure out why would you credit the Holy Spirit? My reply would be:
He is the light that continues to penetrate my darkness. Without him there would be no revelation or “illumination” no matter how big or small. I being a sinful mortal would view the light coming into my hotel room as simply a sign that it is now morning. He, the Spirit of Wisdom and Knowledge provided me with a deeper awareness of such light. He revealed how without light being present no one would ever know there is hope, something to look forward to, or an opportunity to start new and fresh. He also revealed without light, darkness and everything in it would remain in a state of sleep and hopelessness. Light changes everything! As a follower of Jesus Christ, I recognize the moment I took a glimpse of Jesus Christ a slither of himself (light) pierced the darkness within my soul. Because of Jesus, I was saved by way of surrender and confession. Then, I opened my heart wide open like the curtains in my hotel room window and all the light that filled my room was like the infilling of the Holy Spirit into my spirit. What once was dark now became totally illuminated. I could clearly see everything that I had been tiptoeing around and trying not to get hurt by. With the light of the Holy Spirit, I walk boldly around everything and even moved some potential hazards out of the way. Those hazards were people, and even habits I had partnered with throughout life while living in darkness. The more you are able to see clearly the better one’s judgment becomes because now you have the totality of the circumstances present before you without any hindrances like darkness and blurred vision in your way. The Holy Spirit will illuminate your life and everything in it, if you let him. Then the rest is up to you….
I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness.” John 12:46

Ciara Leilani


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