A Prayer for our next President 

Seal Of The Office Of The President Of The United States
Seal Of The Office Of The President Of The United States

August 23, 2016

by: Ciara Leilani

Heavenly Father,

As you have spoken into my ear, it gives me great pleasure to petition on behalf of our next President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump. Father, I decree and declare he is a man after your own heart with brilliance and humility. May his heart never fail him in the years, months, days and hours to come. May he receive and exude strength, wisdom, and forgiveness within his heart. He has shown great courage and fortitude in these last few months as he has come under much slander, gossip and ridicule. Father, I ask that you silence the lying spirit that stirs up division and discord. Please, expose those individuals operating under the direction of the spirits of Jezebel and Herodias, as they operate behind the scenes against the will of your Holy Spirit. Render the offensive voices of Jealousy, Antichrist and Familiar Spirits to no use, virtually impotent as you release healing, unity, love and encouragement to our nation through your Holy Spirit. Unmask the veils from the eyes of anyone who have not seen with your eyes, heard with your ears or felt with your heart. May his soul remain certain, who he belongs to as he remains in you while on the campaign trail and in office.

Father, I petition you for mercy and favor, both of which can be shared sparingly over his life and the lives of his loved ones. I ask that as you shine your face upon him, that your words of counsel and images of peace would be downloaded directly to his heart with no filter. May the Cross, which signifies atonement and salvation always be a reminder to him, that there is a Government far greater than that of  the United States of America. Sweep this nation Holy Spirit from border to border!  Bring back integrity, accountability, selfless service, team work and professional respect to the Office of the President through this next administration.

Thank you Father for Mr. Trump’s acts of kindness and heart of service even when no one is looking. You are the Omniscient God and are always looking at the motives of the hearts of men. For any wrong motives, please forgive the words, actions and decisions of Mr. Trump leading up to this position. As you forgive him, I ask that you would release a supernatural healing over our nation and cover us all with the Blood of Jesus Christ. As many poor examples have been portrayed about his character in the national media, Holy Spirit I ask that you reveal to the American public your plans to place this man in the Office of the President as his next assignment on earth. Move the distractions aside as you move the hearts of millions of Americans in his favor. Reveal to him that you’ve never left him and are very much for him, as you have to hundreds of your own prophets.

Holy Spirit, as you remain with every born again Believer, I ask that you shift the hearts and minds of those who may be angry, hurt or confused about who to vote for. Show men and women of the Christian faith who their candidate is, simply because of your own principles and desires. Help us to break from national parties which divide, and reunite us with your sovereign will and biblical standards. We need your Word to not only be seen as the law of the spiritual realm, but also the law of this land.

You are the sovereign Almighty God who chose America to be the leader of the free world. I petition you this day to release the blessings held up in Heaven for this nation. As millions of fervent and effective prayers have bombarded your heavenly Throne Room, I ask that you release the answers to the very areas of need our nation so desperately has. We need unity, healing, hope, prosperity, purification and salvation as a nation. You are the God who sits high and looks low. You are the God-of-the-Angel-Armies. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You are the Ancient-of-Days who knows no boundaries. You are Lord-Jesus and there is no other above you. I acknowledge our nation has turned it’s back upon you and your kindness therefore as an intercessor I petition you for forgiveness on behalf of the United States of America. Please remember the sacrifice your Son made was for this nation and all who have breath in their lungs.

Father, bless Mr. Trump as he continues to move closer to this office; bless his faithfulness as he has remained loyal to your will for his life; anoint his advisors with your wisdom and your discernment and bless his vision for America. May it mirror yours identically! May his most inner circle consist of men and women who will confer only with the King of kings before rendering him with counsel. I pray a triple hedge of protection accompany him, his spouse, their children and this next Administration. Thank you for hearing my petition for America and Mr. Trump Lord. I plead the powerful Blood of Jesus Christ over Donald J. Trump and the Office of the United States President.

In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ, I seal these petitions, decrees and declarations. Amen!”

Ciara Leilani


4 thoughts on “A Prayer for our next President 

  1. The saints win. This deliverance is the modern-day Purim and our God has heard our prayers. We will continue to pray for our future president and come against the lying spirits, the spirits of hatred and murder, and cover Donald Trump and his family with the all powerful blood of Jesus. I pray that God will grant discernment to ALL our brothers and sisters in the Lord and that we would be one in the Spirit and agenda of God.


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