October 31, 2016

by: Ciara Leilani

This morning in my prayer time, I decided to ask the Lord several questions that I sincerely wanted answers for. One of them was strikingly different from all of the rest, however I felt a peace in my heart when asking him this question. What you are about to read is my personal dialogue with the Lord Jesus Christ about Halloween.

Question: Lord what would you say to Christians who celebrate Halloween as a fun holiday?

“Many continue to celebrate this day as a day of joyful exchange of imagery and candy. It seems like a day for many as one where they can become someone else. This is a time where many sorcerers gather and chant as they expel incantations upon those who are willingly participating in this pagan celebration. I despise the acts of millions on this day. How is it possible for the righteous to celebrate without seeking my counsel?

I would say this to those professing to be my followers while celebrating such a dreadful act of disobedience. How dare you say my name with the air I place in your lungs while dressing as something I did not create you to be? How dare you behave as if I give humanity a pass on this particular day in order to entertain the one enemy who is after your souls? Why behave as if I would honor this decision?

I am very displeased with the millions who celebrate this pagan holiday. This has always been a day where men and women permit their children to operate in a dimension where demonic activity is real. I do not permit satan to sometimes have my children. I always forbid this however, the mind of men carelessly permits an opening where satan can then legally enter in.

What was my sacrifice for? It was for the salvation of all, not just a few. It was and still is the only way to glory within the Kingdom of God. My heart bleeds for those who believe that Halloween is not anything more than a fun day of celebration. It is a vile, despicable and demoralizing day where Satanists, occultists, sorcerers, witches and warlocks worship their god with the sacrificing of many. The idols that many place before me are detestable.

What difference is the celebration of Halloween? You will see how many men and women I will begin to permit to see with their own eyes what is happening behind closed doors of secrets and lies. Halloween is not a secret day of submission. It is a blatant time of open disobedience to my Holiness. Within a few weeks, many will begin preparing to celebrate as they give thanks to me for all that has been done for them. The backwards thinking of a few has permeated the traditions of many.

This is not a holiday. It is a day in which satan has his fill of doors which open for his minions to enter in. If you do not want satan inside of your home or heart, do not open the door! It is that simple. Repent and return to me is what I say, finally.


—Ciara Leilani


  1. That’s what he said to me years ago, when I didn’t understand and felt that we were being too religious. God quickly answered me and asked me, how does this honor or glorify me?

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  2. Hey Lady,
    I agree totally.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on the so called Christmas holiday.
    As it to is a pagon holiday that has been morphed into calibrate Jesus birth. But it’s the wrong Time of year.
    It’s really hard to train your children when so many of your family cause issues with it.

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  3. This is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile and I’m still going to pray to the Lord about this. Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up. One of the things God did impress upon me last year was to get rid of all of my witch decorations and anything dealing with death. This was even before Halloween, I think it was summer of 2015. I’ve read your thoughts and spoke with my best friend about it. The Lord impressed upon her as well not to have anything to do with it. I then spoke to my mom about it (who also got rid of all pagan decorations when I did) and she said it’s a time to spread your joy and love to others and to point people to the Hallowed One. I do believe that the Lord wants us to be light to the world even in the dark holidays.

    I had a few experiences last night that the Lord definitely showed me how he can be Light in the darkness. First, He used last night as a night to bring my family closer together and enjoy a family outing (I will have to tell you more about what is going on with our family in person). The other thing I loved was that I was able to meet many neighbors and my hope is that I will be able to connect with them and either allow the Lord to bring them to Him using me as a vessel or start deeper relationships always pointing them to the Lord. Lastly, when I went to my moms house there were some kids dressed in what looked like biblical costumes. When I asked who one was he said “Father Abraham” then their was a Zechariah and an angel and some other biblical characters. I told them I loved this idea and the oldest girl said they are John 3:16. I told them I was proud of them bringing the Light into the darkness and for proclaiming Jesus and it brought joy to my heart to see young evangelists.

    I’ve been doing some reading on the history of Halloween and when it was brought to America. Our founders wanted nothing to do with it. I will continue to be in prayer about this but I do believe it is an opportunity to minister to a world that needs to be pointed to him. I also just remembered watching one of the documentaries that Darren Wilson did and when they went to a new age festival and spread the love of Christ. God healed many people that night. I trust that the Lord will continue to lead me down his path and I will definitely be listening for His Voice.

    I do hate seeing people dress up as death, in horror film costumes and the grim reaper. When I see my friends kids in those costumes it breaks my heart. America is definitely desensitized to the spiritual warfare that is going on around us. My best friend encouraged me to pray about this and ask the Lord what I can do to replace the holiday if I am to do that.

    Thank you for being bold in your stand for the Lord and obedient to what he’s called you to do!

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    1. Carol I’m one to not deviate from what the Lord says especially when he speaks it. It was quite clear to me that the Lord despises Halloween.

      Darren Wilson and his team did not dress up to spread the love of Christ on Halloween. That would be the pot calling the kettle black. If you feel comfortable dressing up as Angels, Cherubim, Disciples and positive Biblical characters it remains clear that still is not who God created us to be. It’s a form of imagery is it not?

      What this boils down to is whether or not you believe what the Lord has said or not. Whether or not you’d rather side with the Kingdom or American tradition. This is one of several examples that I see Christians finding the grey areas as opposed to choosing one side over the other.

      “Theres a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to destruction.” Prov. 14:12


  4. My God! Right on point. These compromises and this disobedience are the main reasons why we, meaning the church, have no power or authority in the world. May we, the church, what the Lord is saying.

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  5. I’ve been having the same conversation with my husband for years now it seems on whether or not we should celebrate Halloween. I have not felt good about it, but in the end I usually end up celebrating it in some way or another while trying to stay away from the gruesome things. We just had that debate again and he brought up how pretty much every holiday has elements of paganism and while he began by defending Halloween, he ended up with the realization that he doesn’t like holidays all together. He said he’s been trying to hold onto the joys of his childhood, but more and more he has grown to dislike holidays for their phony-ness; holidays have become all about consumerism and greed and Christmas and Easter are just pagan holidays with Christian spray paint over them anyway. As far as it being a time for family gathering together, his family doesn’t get along, my parents are divorced, and his dad is usually in the hospital or a care facility. So, he feels that planning all of our stops strategically and always having to upset someone while pretending to have togetherness is a sham and he hates that part of it too. Now I don’t know what to do. Should we be a family that doesn’t do holidays altogether?? Would we be depriving our child (I’m due in about a month) of something special?? Please pray for us to find answers that honor God. Any insights or suggestions that you have would be greatly appreciated.


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