Uprooting with Grace

November 9, 2016

by: Ciara Leilani

To my fellow Americans,
I felt compelled to write from the perspective of a Believer in Jesus Christ who voted in the 2016 United States Presidential election not because I felt now was an opportune time, however now is where the divide is seen and not just felt.
I would like to take you back to a little known fact in human history before I bring what I believe the Lord is leading me to say at this very hour. In history, there was a time when a new leader was elected. His name was Jesus Christ. He was the newly elected leader of the newly formed church in Israel. I say elected because many had rejected him as the chosen Son of God who would lead us, his children back to the Father. He was elected in a sense in the heart’s of those who chose to serve him as King. In 30 AD, many of the 3,000 plus newly saved, baptized believers were making waves. Waves because of their faith, their voice, their heart, their radical and desperate cry for change. Major waves in the local community surrounding them turned into tsunamis. What was once “business-as-usual” had become threatened by a silent minority. Wherever Christianity, true Christianity goes, it begins to uproot long standing changes. People fear and resist these changes today just as they did 2,000 years ago when Jesus had become a newly elected leader…of The Church. Jesus was always planned to be their Leader, their God. Unfortunately, many Jews held firmly to the law and old ways that this newly elected leader was proposing – His way was better. Many Gentiles violently resisted giving up their old lifestyles for the new “way.” Families were divided, cultures became bitter, humanity as they knew it had become a comatose state of upheaval. Here we are today, 2,000 years later with a newly elected leader. A Gentile leader whose path was chosen like all of ours by a Sovereign God long before humanity had breath in their lungs. One of which has been blamed and exalted. One of which has been vilified and exonerated. One of which has in store for him, the weight of a divided country, a broken system of order, the rebuke of half of the citizens he has sworn to serve and an army of non-believers with retribution as their fuel. Here we are today, 2,000 years later and God’s church has prevailed and Christianity has been firmly established despite the fear and violent resistance of a few. The Spirit of God is the heart of the new church. He is here on earth, peacefully speaking about a new tsunamis of epic proportions which humanity has never ever experienced before. Those he has been sent to comfort and strengthen are known as The Believers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. This is the divide, it’s not Whites against Blacks or Conservatives against Liberals but it is the Holy Spirit filled-God ordained church of Jesus Christ against the dark hierarchy of satan-the Prince of the Air. The same power that filled the Apostles, and believers of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem in dwells millions today in America. The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is raising millions of dead Christians to life who have lived in fear, laziness, boredom, poverty and lack all of their lives. He, the Holy Spirit is comforting the brokenhearted and strengthening The Church at this very hour. Like the early church consisted of sinful people who were distracted from the work of Christ because of their own desires, the latter church has also. We must no longer be in agreement with those ideas, habits, lifestyles, religions, and intentions that are in contrast to the nature and holiness of Jesus Christ. It is time for Christians, true Christians give themselves sincerely to the work of the Holy Spirit. We must ask him to remove the blinders and purify our hearts in order to truly be motivated by love once again.
Jesus is coming back soon my friends, but not for a defeated or divided church. So join me in being generous, willing and kind from the heart as we live out the saying, “not my will be done Lord but your will on earth as it is in Heaven.

Ciara Leilani







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