November 11, 2016

by: Ciara Leilani

At exactly 2:19 p.m. on November 11, 2016, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about the state of America and the Presidency. I was in an intense time of prayer when these words came forth.

“America, America! Do you dare withstand my Winds of Change? Do you dare fight against the living God who has spared you for so many centuries. America, fall to your knees. Hear the word of the Lord today. I have done this great thing for this nation. I have raised up a leader in your hour. A leader that many have not wanted but I have found someone who is acceptable in my sight, says the Lord of Hosts. This person whom you are rejecting and scoffing and even mocking is My chosen one. I have decided in this hour to release those Angels that I have chosen to protect him. Those that have had the audacity to pray against my will. Those prayers will not be heard. I am doing a mighty work in this nation. I am rejecting the prayers that are selfish in nature. I am choosing to raise up a leader who has sought me in private. Many of you do not know the heart of this man but I do.


The Lord is saying, at this very hour do you dare not seek me for yourself, America? Seek me and you will hear my heart for your nation. The millions upon millions upon millions of children that have been aborted from your nation. The wombs that I have had to heal because the enemy that has ravaged the wombs of women. I am the recipient of those children, the Lord says. They are here with me now. These spirits that I have sent as beautiful souls to dwell inside of humanity’s wombs have been ravagedly removed. Know this America, I am causing the Winds of Change to uproot and dismantle the dynasties that have trampled upon your very morals and the core of who you are as a people, as a nation. Do you not remember that freedom is from me?


I the Lord thy God says, Stop! Stop before it’s too late. I will not allow you to test me in this. Trust me when I say, I am coming with a vengeance, says the Lord of Hosts. This vengeance is against the people that are not for my people. Do not do this to yourselves but come unto me. For I love you and I need you in my kingdom. I desire that you would be with me in all of eternity not against me, says the Lord. Yes there is an enemy, his name is Satan. You are not my enemy, says the Lord. You will never be my enemy, says the Lord. But I desire that you and you alone seek my face. Do not let, do not let the enemy to confuse you any longer.


Know this I say, that I am the one that has caused the things that have been hidden to be seen. I am the one, says the Lord who is bringing change in to this nation. Me! No one else but me is doing this. So when you fight against me know that there is a people known as a Remnant that are truly praying and interceding for my will to be done. I have come this hour through my prophet to tell you, there are many who are on the platforms crying the Name of Jesus out loud before the masses of people. Singing beautiful songs of worship but in their heart-of-hearts they have not submitted and succumb to my Authorship and my Lordship. Yes they sing hymns and beautiful songs that you all know very well in your country but in the secret place of their heart, they have not declared that I can be Lord over all.


Am I not a God of truth? Would you dare confuse me as a god of error and disorder, says the Lord of Hosts? For I am a God, I am a God that births life from nothing, I am a God that restores a people to their living God. I am the One, says the Lord of Hosts. I am the One, says the Lord of Hosts that has raised this man up for this hour. For America used to be the land I would look upon and find mighty intercessors that would cry night and day. There were many watchmen in this country that would pray for all of eternity and all of humanity to come to me. Very few do I find in this nation praying. Darkness has covered your waters and darkness has covered your land for far too long, says the Lord of Hosts. Do you not look upon your crops and see that you are getting crumbs? Do you not look upon the sky over your land and wonder where are the rains? Where are the plentiful rains that used to saturate our lands, says the Lord? I desire that you hear me today. There is much passion, there is much passion being stirred across your land says the Lord. But know this, I am not behind that passion. I do not bring disorder. I do not evoke chaos but what I am doing is I am bringing Winds of Change to this nation. These winds are my winds from my heavenly Throne Room that I have released unto your nation this hour.


America, this hour is your hour to rise up and be with me for I am bringing unity back to this nation. I am no longer going to allow the division of chaos and poverty. I am no longer going to allow a few people to agree with Satan and to allow him to divide this nation any further. I have heard the cries of my people. I have heard the cry of the lone intercessor. I see you on your knees when you pray in secret and I want you to know that I am coming, says the Lord. I am coming very soon for this nation. I am coming for these people. Open your doors church! Open your doors church! Open your hearts. Open your homes let these people in I say. You will have to give an account for how you responded in this hour, says the Lord of Hosts. I have dispatched millions upon millions of Scribe Angels that are recording your words, that are recording your actions, your deeds at this very hour, says the Lord.


Do not doubt that this is a word from me because you do not know this person that is speaking on my behalf. I will use anyone I choose and I will use anything that I need to in order to show you and to arouse your heart back to me. My heart is broken, says the Lord. My heart is so broken for humanity. But I am coming, says the Lord of Hosts. Oh, I am coming! I am coming! I am coming to you, says the Lord! Whether you doubt or believe trust in this, there is a massive divide that I am doing in the spirit-realm that you are now seeing in the natural and if you will just trust in me, says the Lord. Just say out loud, I trust you Jesus. I trust you! Oh, don’t you know mighty people that I will restore to you what you have lost, what your family has lost. I am doing this, says the Lord of Hosts.


This is my word for this nation believe it or not. When I raise up a prophet from this land they will be scattered amongst the nations and you will remember, “they brought a word to me from the living God!” He who lives and reigns forever and ever and ever is the One that is bringing humanity closer to eternity. I am telling humanity right now in this hour, translate this language, translate this message I am coming soon and I am showing you now by raising up a man after my own heart. Someone that you may not see but I have positioned him. I have positioned him to lead this nation. America, be led by someone that I have chosen. Do not resist my change for your land. I will bless the households that agree. I will bless the men that decide to lead their home righteously. I will bless and anoint the women that will come into agreement with this covenant. You will bare much fruit I say. No more shall you have barren wombs, says the Lord! No more will you crops fail you! No more will your children leave home and not come back! Changed and anointed, filled with my Holy Spirit.


I say at this very hour, if you will come into agreement with my change I will birth something inside of you that is supernatural and that will pave a way in this nation. Something that you could not perceive or even conceive on your own. But I am doing something in this very hour that millions upon millions are not in agreement with. I say to you, do not be Egypt! Do not be Egypt against my Israel! Do not be against my chosen ones! Do not America, I say do not be against he who I have chosen for this very hour. All of eternity, all of eternity is counting on those that agreed with me. There are millions in hell that are crying out at this very hour wishing and hoping that they could have just one ounce of relief. You still have an opportunity to agree with me, says the Lord of Hosts. There are an innumerable amount of Angels that I have chosen to raise up your next President in protection from the assignments of the evil one.


The evil one has released many of his hordes in this hour to cause disruption and mayhem. The word is mayhem in your nation! But I say to you Prophets, I say to you Apostles, I say to you Evangelists and Teachers and especially you Pastors would you dare kneel in my presence amongst your congregation and say not my will but thy will be done in America as it is in Heaven. I am looking and I am watching. I am listening and I am drawing. There are many in this very hour that are rejecting my drawing. They are rejecting my words, but that is ok. Because there will be an hour and I say this with all Authority, there is an hour coming very soon, and I will shock humanity by what is coming. Trust me in this, says the Lord of Hosts, I will not be mocked. I will not be mocked! For the enemy of my children’s faith is already defeated. He has already been defeated. Trust me in this, says the Lord of Hosts. I am speaking through one of my own and the power and the authority rests in you as my Holy Spirit is traveling all throughout the land seeking those whom He can partner with. Raise up a cry oh children of Israel! Raise up a cry America, I am coming for you, says the Lord of Hosts! “

— Ciara Leilani


  1. Thank you. Ever since Wednesday I have said to a few people, “that is whom God wants, and we as Christians need to trust in His choice, and stop whining about who you think is the best”. I kept hearing, there will be a shift and we can’t ignore it. We are being called to fall flat on our faces and pray for others to come into the Kingdom. We too are to stop being divided by the political atmosphere and trust Him.

    Thank you.



  2. I went immediately to the bible and in prayer. I have said , This president was going to used by God, wow, your words from God penetrated a deep area in my life, I know that in my spirit, you are so right. Thank you.

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  3. a few months ago while in prayer, I felt a stirring in the atmosphere. I felt as though God was telling me that there was going to be a shift in the atmosphere. A shift and stirring towards Him. Change was coming and we needed to accept it or get out of the way. This message confirms some of what I have sensed in my spirit. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness.

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