January 14, 2017

by: Ciara Leilani

On January 14, 2017, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me. I was in my time of prayer when these words came forth

“Those who have a revival spirit will break forth this day with a sound of drums underneath their footsteps. The Lord says he who believes shall have exceptional promotions and undeniable truths wrapped around their loins. These promotions must be passed onward to their children’s children as I am a God who blesses those who love me. My favor shall never be fair. The wealth of the wicked will no longer be laid up for those who toil in secret and proclaim my goodness by day. No I say! Now I am releasing a Wind of Change onto those households who have remained steadfast in me although the tornado rumbled all around them. That tornado was one of severe torment of your souls. It caused havoc in your marriages and in your personal relationships but I am a Mending God. I mend all things which are firmly planted in me. I am cleaning My house says the Lord. I am raising out of the trash heap those who the Church has thrown out, the prodigal sons and daughters who have wandered too far to recognize their surroundings. I am also raising up new prophetic voices in the obedient sons and daughters. They shall hear my Word and speak in their native tongue says the Lord. I will no longer scatter but I am now retrieving! I am pulling in all those who are called by My name to go to national events and even educational seminars in order to denounce what once was known as me but not with my approval. These ones, who I am sending forth shall be branded with Armor of Gold and shall speak as though their voices are trumpets. They will speak the truth in the alleyway and the symphony hall. From the well means to the dirt poor these ones shall go. 


Now I say, now you mockers who once gossiped about my anointed ones will find your own words echoing off my holy hills back to your doorsteps. Watch and see my power flow from the most obscure of places simply to reveal who has been chosen by Me. I am doing a new thing that will remind my scholars of the old things. I will raise up new Elijah’s and new Moses’s who shall lead this next generation back to my Altar of Grace. How can you unqualify who I have qualified? My measuring rod is simple, those who obey and I find searching for me shall be qualified for the measure I find them suitable. I am raising up the ones who have even once denied me publicly like Peter but boldly repented before the masses. Watch me move in the Holy and unholy places. My sovereignty shall be renewed in places it once was trampled in. This word is not just for America but is one for a global notice. I am sending my Hosts now to move swiftly in places you have forgotten. Oh despised one. Oh how I sing your name! I shall grab you by the hand and walk with you up this mountain and down The Valley. I will part every sea before you and even place you on the top tree branch for a better view of my Glory. Despised one wait for me. I am coming directly to you says the Lord of Hosts.”

— Ciara Leilani

One thought on “KINGDOM STRATEGY

  1. Hallelujah Praise the most High God!!! I have waited all day for this word..Today I felt beat down and just hurt…Jesus/Yeshua knew I needed to hear a word and I am so thankful..My sister everything you spoke was for me…They have used manipulating tactics and lies to the piont I dont want to be a part of their church. I tried to just walk away from Yeshua but, his love wont let me go, his love is so tightly wrapped around me it pulls me closer Hallelujah..Yes we all have a story to tell my dearest sister. Some of us have more than one story that must be told…I am so ready to go on a little further with God. I hear horses running and God sayin,” I am overthrowing them and the riders.” Glory be to God I am encouraged…Thank you…Bless you!!! .
    Due to my email continuing to be hacked please facebook/ messenger…

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