January 27, 2017

by: Ciara Leilani

I was in my time of prayer when these words came forth.
The counsel of the wicked is being stripped from the minds of men who have been called to speak truth and peace. For far too long the enemy has clouded your mind(s) with foolish talk and unholy banter. Now I am changing the way you think and even respond. The pain of rejection will roll off your Mantle like water off of a duck’s beak. I am doing something new in the heart, mind and thoughts of men. Do not try to figure this out. Your wisdom is foolish to me. Your counsel is foolish to me. Those who come up higher will perceive true wisdom and share with those who want to hear truth. Those who refuse truth will be permitted to wallow in their foolishness. The times of retaliation from your enemy, satan are over. Now, he is on the run! I say he is on the run for the true Church of Christ is rising in this hour to a place of no return. No longer permitting false prophets to speak “truth” when in fact it is a smeared scent of falsehood. No longer are my children permitting the kindness of the lowly to be ignored. I am exalting those who have been hidden in obscurity while speaking my truth with courage. I am exalting the people who have been forgotten and blatantly refused. I am doing this mighty work. Oh I say watch how I will continue to uproot the fields of Jezebel’s ancestors from breeding more hatred and anarchy. Do you dare associate My holiness with that clear depiction of satan? Do you dare assume you can blaspheme My name and I not respond? I tell you this day, those who have interceded for mercy have been heard. Those who thank me for my grace to invade the sanctuary cities for My name to be glorified will be blessed by my overflowing grace. This is a grace you know not of, for it is of ancestral restoration! It is the secret grace that returns broken souls into my good sights. I have a holy remnant rising and they are no longer looking for approval from men. No! I have sent them forth. Every single platform satan has used for his evil schemes I am now taking back and handing it over to those I have trusted with little. Oh how they will hear, receive and give away.
The Ministry of Generosity is now being elevated. In My kingdom, there is much wealth and the culture is giving. If you do not give away how can I trust you? What you already have is NOT YOURS. I have permitted you to have and because of My grace you have fallen asleep. Oh how I am taking vengeance by storm and awakening those who desire to be with me in My kingdom! I will not wander and wait. For I knock and if you do not answer I will move to the next who will say unto me, yes Lord enter in and dine with me. I want to teach you through teachers who listen to me. Do you not know there is a teacher speaking to many in this hour and that voice is not my own? This speech is breeding a culture of rebellion and hate. Do you assume I can be associated with such characteristics? Do your research and learn of who I, the King of Glory truly am. I bless and restore. I anoint and appoint. I remove and scatter but I do not hate and break what I call my own. The enemy of your faith knows his time is short, oh so short. People who have ears to hear, listen to this word for I am speaking through one of my own. I will no longer tolerate the heresy and blasphemy amongst my own children. The time for holy divide is now. You will continue to see a mighty chasm form amongst you. This is the hour where a choice will have to be made. The choice is extremely simple, you are either for me or against me. There is no grey area in my realm. You are either for the King of Glory or with the King of Darkness.
I am coming soon and when I do, there will be no more time to repent or even speak of My name, for during that hour I will forbid My name from even being spoken. I love you more than you can even quantify amongst your liberal language abilities. I give you the thought processes you have in order to glorify My name. Do not use it to promote your own agenda! I have need of you in My kingdom. Do you doubt I can use you as you are? Read the testimony of this very mortal who has written My holy words for you to read. I have chosen to use her because all she said was yes Lord. I will use anyone, I repeat anyone who is willing to bend their knee to me and open their heart to My plans. Do not doubt this word, for I have sent it to you with grace attached. Those who receive the counsel of the wicked will soon see the side of the chasm they will find themselves upon, while those who receive the counsel of my Holy Spirit will find themselves growing in me daily. I say this in closing to you my children, I HAVE NO RIVAL AND I HAVE NO PLANS WHICH CAN BE ALTERED BY THE DEFEATED ONE.”

— Ciara Leilani


3 thoughts on “WAKE UP!

  1. I pray that everyone takes this seriously. As soon I finished reading my lips erupted in prayer and my spirit has been in submission since. These are the words of God

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  2. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Appreciate it!


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