March 1, 2017 at 9:10 am

I heard the Lord God say,

I want you to begin seeing yourself as I see you says the Lord. Droughts are over and new mindsets are available in me. Come as you are, says the King of Glory. As you are requires nothing except effort. I plan to remake you into the glorious rendition of the original plans I had long ago. Please permit me to show you not through another. I will show you directly what My plans are says the Lord. There are too many who are going to every news outlet first thing in the morning for their wisdom, information and knowledge. Come to me, says the Lord of hosts. Sit and dialogue with me first thing in the morning and see if I don’t pour out upon you what no news outlet could. I plan to bring a fresh wind to your loins. An eruption of faith, hope and love will erupt out of you in the coming days says the Lord. I don’t need to bring a notice, but I do so for your sake so that you will not be startled when something new that cannot be explained erupts out of you. In this new day, I am restoring and removing. I said, I am restoring and removing in areas like vision, hearing, and heart. The well within your heart will be cleansed by My truth and the depth of your vision will be restored by My anointing. Don’t dismiss small beginnings for they are where you get your footing, says the Lord. Many whom have risen to the top in this last decade will soon come crashing down but I will be right there to pick them up. I will restore them as their hearts and compassion for My people returns to me. The hearing of your youth will soon remind you of the easy days in life. The days when the sound of a bird chirping in a window or the raindrops above your mantle will all take you back to a place of peace, assurance and confidence. Confidence in what you ask? In me I say. I have incredible plans for your life, says the Lord but first I must get you back on track. You’ve strayed away from me and My plans for so long this feels normal, but it is not. This shaking I am bringing to your life is for your good and ultimately My glory. Trust the Author of the shaking. I will never steer you wrong. It is for your benefit that I shake away others, bad habits, wrong thinking, and sinful mannerisms. Please join me in making your destiny great again by permitting you to produce fruit again. Fruit that can only come if you are attached to My vine. Go now to your quiet place. There I will meet you.

Some of you need to create a quiet place for our meetings. Just as you meet friends at the gym, or the local coffee shop do you dare create a place for you and I? Keep this in mind, I am pursuing you. This is for a reason. I am seeking your heart to agree with mine in this hour. Many will not for they assume they have much more time. Oh, how many are mistaken. For the day nor the hour of My return is not known but by the One who created such time. I will bless those who desire to know and understand the correct times and seasons with this gift. You shall have it I say. Simply ask for it by faith. Now that I have your attention, do unto me this one thing. Forgive one another. Those of you who have willfully wronged another must come into good grace with them for My seed is not corruptible. I must have righteous children at My table. Repent to those whom you have wronged and betrayed, for the hour is soon coming when I will expose all things known and unknown. This must happen for a great shaking is coming. A mighty and great shaking! You will see and will know who is truly My prophet under an anointing and who holds the Office of the Prophet. The distinction is my doing. Yet you shall see. Elevation is also my doing. Permit me to elevate you in my timing child. Do not seek personal promotions prematurely. Let those positions and opportunities go by if they aren’t from me. Where would you be in the world without My hand upon you? Do not seek to join the council of the wicked for mere pennies. The outcome will be extremely harmful for you and those you love, for the enemy is after souls. Period. Choose this day whom you will serve. 

I am ready but you are not ready. My time with you is critical and vital for your development in this hour. I am willing to supernaturally accelerate your comprehension in a manner than will enable you to understand My Word if you should ask for it. Ask! I am a fun, loving and abundantly giving God. I enjoy blessing you. Please my child, read these words as My solemn words. You might ask yourself, how does one get to a place where they can hear my words so effortlessly and with such confidence? Well permit me to answer this concern. My child if you study night and day while permitting me to rid you of everything not like me, then your heart is ready for My voice. The words written here come from My heart onto paper and distributed through this platform. This is not by happenstance. This was years in the making. Do you desire to hear my voice as this vessel does? Then stay with me in your times of rest and speak to me throughout your day. I will come to you. I will seek you out if you pursue me, says the Lord of hosts. I will take you by the hand and grant you those secret desires that line up with My will. I’ll do it. For now, many must return to me with haste. Pray for the lost. Pray for the wicked to have their eyes unsheathed and their hearts to be repentant. I want all souls to come unto me although many will never do so. The hour is soon approaching when the choices you make will be exposed. Truth hides under no false assumptions and is not awaiting for hidden innuendos before it goes forth with a mighty vengeance. Study My word and you will find me. Seek my face and you will come to know me. Surrender your leisure time to commune with me and you will reap double the reward. Take this message serious my child. For the hour is soon upon you.”

— Ciara Leilani

3 thoughts on “RESTORATION & RENEWAL

  1. Good read this morning. Today is my birthday and I needed to hear this to get off on the right track with the start of this new year in my life . Thank you 🙏!!

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    1. Thank God for His rhema word Castillo. Happy birthday to you sir. I am excited to know that the Lord himself chose you and formed you. Keep your head low and eyes up before the Lord. He will NEVER fail you!


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