August 7, 2017

by: Ciara Leilani

At exactly 12:24 a.m. the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about the state of the Body of Christ. I was in my time of prayer when these words came forth.

“Many have forgotten that I have an endless memory and forget only that which has been repented of sincerely. My promises are yes and amen! Those who have toiled, fervently sought me and engaged my Spirit in spirit and truth will come to a place of washing and refreshment. I will NEVER leave my children in a place of drought, lonely desperation or bewilderment. That is not who the King of kings is. No, I am the one who literally leaves 99 and searches high and low for 1 who will return to me with open arms and shabby knees. One who will put aside cultural malnourishment for a healthy dose of the Kingdom. Did I come to teach a culture or did I not teach you of My kingdom? This Kingdom is at hand in America. I am pouring out my Spirit on more and more men. Look with more than your natural eyes. Perceive the truths that are bubbling up beneath the surface of lies and innuendos. I am the one permitting much of the perceived turmoil in your Capitol. I am exposing that which was always deeply hidden. Do not continue to live with blinders. You will miss what My Spirit is doing all around your sphere of influence without your input. I desire to bring you into the radical wave of increase that I am permitting to be released to the Body of Christ. Some have indeed expanded their own territories without my covering. Those will be shortened soon. Others have failed to raise their weary heads in fear they were not qualified. Oh beloved! How I have said YES! Yes to your promotion! Yes to that marriage! Yes to that increase! Yes to your next steps! Let me show you the way. Stop seeking the advice of others, news outlets and the false prophets. Do you not know who is of me and who is not? Ask the Spirit of the Lord to confirm. There are no secrets in the spirit realm. I assure you the time is now where my Spirit will move swiftly in areas you permit him to. Open your heart to the love and cleansing power of My atoning mercy. I will do it in my timing!”

— Ciara Leilani



  1. Thank you , thank you mighty warrior Ciara…all believers need this Holy and Truthful reminder, passing this on!!!!
    How do I get a video of the recent event I missed downtown…your testimony to the Kingdom n world!!
    With great love and admiration for you!
    Great is Thy Faithfulness! Alice

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