October 4, 2017

by: Ciara Leilani

On October 04, 2017, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about North Korea and South Korea. I was in my time of prayer when these words came forth. 

“Korea shall be healed! Healed from poverty, corruption, uncertainty, barrenness, strongholds of fear and doubt.” 

As I stood prophesying over Korea, my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw endless rice fields. I knew in my spirit that provision will return to this nation when healing is distributed and received by faith. The Lord loves the Korean people as he does Americans. Believers of Christ must stand in this hour as the Ekklesia and not a divided people. The Lord is watching and is taking note. Be watchful of your words, for any words, I repeat ANY words spoken contrary to the Lord’s are words opposing the perfect plan and will of the Most High God. The two Koreas will become ONE KOREAN nation. 

— Ciara Leilani

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