October 2, 2018

by: Ciara Leilani

At exactly 12:43 a.m. on October 2, 2018, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I was in my time of prayer when these words came forth.

If there ever were a time when Christians of every walk and creed must pray, it is now. I desire for My will to be made manifest for all to see. Especially those who do not believe in me. I am a God of peace and order. I do not author confusion nor false accusations. There is a created being who is responsible for such filth. My child, what has occurred in your nation involving Brett Kavanaugh is the work of a diabolical slanderous attack that brewed its way from the central heart of hell, onto the free flowing ideals of the whispers throughout. I’ve watched the torment unleashed by those who have neither met him personally or been involved with his family sporadically.
I have listened to all who have taken their own personal seat as judge and jury while sealing their own fate as earthly judges while neither knowingly recognizing the work of Satan himself! This is not a low-level coordinated attack. These came from The Deceiver himself. An intimate and salaciously orchestrated smear of an otherwise noble and just man. I shall respond. I shall bring an open-closure to this campaign, while revealing much more that has taken place. I shall reveal My will to the intercessors on the Walls of Justice. Those who are crying out for reprieve and restoration of honor and credibility to your process of elimination. I have watched those who claim to live for me, publicly debate the nobility of one of My own. I will respond to their judgment with the same measure if no repentance has taken place. This is not to be taken lightly. These are the same spirits behind the mob who yelled and screamed, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” at my public hearing. What shall I do? I have need of Brett Kavanaugh on the highest court of the land although many find him subjectively unqualified. Am I not the only One who is capable of elevating to positions of authority and removing the corruption there too? I will indeed reveal My will. Those who are praying and fasting need not let up. I am receiving the prayers of the righteous and the sacrifices of those who are doing so for My will to be done. I know who is and is not fasting for the correct reasons. It is imperative that the prayers cease not. Continue and stay focused on your prayers for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I shall reveal even more of the stench of Washington D.C. politics in the coming days. There will be even more exposure of who has made a pact with the devil himself. Watch and see.” 


— Ciara Leilani


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