October 16, 2018

by: Ciara Leilani

At exactly 9:32 p.m. on October 16, 2018, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about the upcoming American Midterm Elections. I was in my time of prayer when these words came forth.

There will be many people who will arise from these midterm elections in shocking upset of their opponents but it is because my hand has been placed on the scale. Where there has been injustice behind the scenes and there has been someone attempting to misbalance and unbalance the scales I have just made them even. I will show my hand in these midterm elections, says the Lord of Hosts. Those individuals who have been secretly plotting and planning like terrorists to destroy the fabric of this nation I will uproot them. I will remove their own citizenship. They will no longer have credit or collateral. They will actually see my hand. I am going to move sovereignly because I am a Holy God. I am a righteous Judge and to whom I give power to, I expect righteous decisions to be made from that position of authority. Many many millions have been spent in your nation to bring upset to the right way of living.


For Planned Parenthood has been secretly donating millions of dollars behind the scenes to multiple campaigns in hopes that they will win votes later in the future. But I assure you, I assure you of this no man can continue to destroy the children that I give unto the mothers of this land and think that I will not expose their evil plots and plans in the open. For the dollars that have been funneling through the wicked hands will now be washed and now be dispersed to my sons and my daughters. For I have seen enough with my own eyes. I have come down to earth to witness it once again for myself. Woe! I say woe to you! Woe to you who have thought that you can take lives and laugh and brag about the innocence of a child underneath the tools that you use so carelessly. I will cause you to repay for every drop of blood that has been shed. There will be many, oh so many that have been successful who have reached the pinnacle of their careers, they will now go mad. I will cause them to go insane. They will lose their minds because they will no longer be able to formulate a thought on their own. You will see this in the coming days.


Congress, Congress will now be tilted. Not for one Democrat or one Republican but the righteous against the wicked. You will see with your own eyes. The righteousness of God moving throughout the halls of Congress. You will see Senators and lay persons come together in meetings. Pastors will be invited on the Hill to pray. For I am sitting back observing how many desire this power and each time they roll through with their expensive suits and long limousines. I am observing my children. Oh I am taking notice! For I am in the process of stripping so many of their wealth, of their status and their prestige. I will be shifting and unlocking the wealth halls of the wicked. For where has the wealth been stored, who can find that place? Who can identify where Satan hides the wealth that he’s laid up for his plans? Oh I know and I will be dispatching my Angels to every secret chamber. All of the hidden chambers that he has throughout the earth where he honestly thinks that gold, silver, gems, diamonds and the rubies that I have created with my own hands are his. Oh they’re going to be dispersed unto my children now. There will be a shift on this mountain. This Mountain of Government will be shifted and your midterm elections will rock your nation!

— Ciara Leilani



  1. Yes Lord! I believe this is the heart of the Father. So much confirmation of the same words being spoken God sees and He is Holy and I also sense He is doing mighty shifting. It is being confirmed by 2 or 3 witnesses. Open our eye and our hearts to see the way you see. Thank you for clarity and courage! Ciara, thank you for your clarity and courage. May the Lord protect and strengthen you. So grateful for you! Your obedience is changing lives it has changed mine. I constantly hear “Go get them” Prayong that more eyes opened on all sides and many on all sides come to Truth. I’ve been convinced by the Lord that I need to watch my words and speak truth with courage but love. Convinced that anger of man doesn’t accomplish the righteousness of God. But we can hate evil. Praying for revelation: that all of us would see where we are participating with the lies of the enemy in our lives in relationships in our work in our government. Give us Clarity, Courage and the power of the gospel to change lives!

    Thank you again Ciara!

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  2. I love when God speaks through you Ciara! So profound

    Do it Lord and bless my sister in Christ for her obedience. Continue to use her mightily.

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  3. AMEN Sister, for such a time as this! Hallelujah! All honor and power and glory to King Jesus!! Pray for our Spiritual Warfare Summit at House of Prayer Blairsville Sun-Wed with Peasley twin missionary brothers from South Africa and Canada. Thank you for this! Our SS teacher reported from DC prayer team much prayer and communion within White House n Capital daily among the brave and strong there! Pray for them!
    Great is Thy Faithfulness!!

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