November 1, 2018

by: Ciara Leilani

Recently I wrote about how my views as a Conservative Christian and faith in Jesus Christ affects my political views. I will never again vote for any candidate who publicly or privately opposes my conservative christian values. I feel led to warn some of you who proceed in reading this post. Some have the propensity to: (1) Be awakened (2) Be convicted (3) Be challenged or (4) Be offended, so please proceed at your own risk knowing it is not my intention to offend you or your views.

Because I live in the United States of America, I get to participate in my civic duty of voting as an American citizen. The blessing of being able to participate in such a process is not by chance. It’s truly God’s blessing so I don’t take it lightly. Democracy is freedom and freedom is a gift from God. When I became a sworn Peace Officer for this great state, I witnessed first hand how my uniform overshadowed the color of my skin or my Puerto Rican roots. I went from being a great friend and loyal parishioner to a “sell out” or “racist” Latina because I wore a police uniform. I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Georgia. That completely removed any personal biases or preconceived ideas I may have had about other cultures and class of people prior to raising my right hand and declaring this oath. Unfortunately I found partisan politics and corruption affecting how I was able to perform my duties as a law enforcement officer day in and day out here in Georgia. After 12 years of faithful service to the citizens of Georgia, I finally retired my badge and uniform. My time in service was complete.

Here in Georgia we have two viable options for the Gubernatorial race. Sadly partisan politics have been the driving factor for votes. Not policy positions or values. The two major ticket options this year are STACEY ABRAMS for the Democrat ticket and BRIAN KEMP for the Republican ticket. I used to vote Democrat all through senior year in high school and college for no reason other than I am a minority American and this party was supposedly who fought for my values and my needs. A good friend told me, “Ciara we’ve been so conditioned to vote Democrat because we’re minorities we’d vote Democrat if Satan himself was on the ticket!”

Thank God, when I gave my life to Christ my values changed. My values immediately began to mirror CHRISTIAN VALUES and no longer racial or ethnic values. The veil was ripped off my eyes and I realized as a voter that I will be responsible how I voted in every election that was contrary to what the Word of God says.

Here in the State of Georgia, we’ve been inundated with celebrities flying from New York and California in support of Ms. STACEY ABRAMS. Perhaps their celebrity status is meant to convince “on the fence” voters to vote for STACEY ABRAMS. Sadly, I’ve not seen these celebrities any other time in my state except when HILLARY CLINTON AND BARAK OBAMA needed the minority vote. Here’s why I as a CHRISTIAN will never vote for STACEY ABRAMS. She has publicly pronounced her support for the following policies that are 100% in opposition of Christian conservative views.

  1. She’s Pro-Abortion and opposes further abortion restrictions. Planned Parenthood endorsed her during the primary campaign.
  2. She supports taking steps to decriminalize marijuana.
  3. She opposed Georgia House Bill 87, a crackdown on illegal immigration that lawmakers approved in 2011. (ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION NOT LEGAL)
  4. She opposes continuing the current Religious Liberty law known as the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, that became law in 1993. (This affects people like me and any Christian who enjoys the 1st Amendment Right of freedom to share the Gospel)
  5. She’s Pro-Same Sex marriage and same sex adoption rights.
It is my sincere hope that ALL voters research the depth of her views and compare that to the christian values you may or may not possess. I’m confident you and others will see through the celebrity marketing campaigns and instead see them as diabolical plots to make her platform seem socially acceptable. But here’s my question, in whose sight? On the topic of abortion, the word of God is clear.  on the topic of marriage, the word of God is clear. On the topic of any substance that would cause bondage, addiction, brokenness, the word of God is clear. What does the Word of God say about these issues? You have to know them for yourselves in order to not be easily deceived by smooth campaign speeches or secretly disguised antichrist rhetoric. What I know for certain, is that the Lord’s eyes see my vote in that ballot box even if the polling location workers do not. They simply hand me a pretty sticker and tell me to have a great day!
I cannot cast a vote for someone who has a public platform that is antichrist. As a Christian rooted in God’s kingdom, I’m faced with the dilemma of participating in the kingdom of this world. Yet, God calls us to influence this world in a way that promotes the gospel of Jesus Christ. This includes our attitude towards those who display themselves differently from us and voice themselves in opposition to us. Romans 12:18 says, “As far as it depends on you, live at peace.” Not everything depends on us since others have a responsibility and free will too, but we have to answer to a higher calling.

This mid-term election is solely about the kind of America you want your family to live in. Do you want freedom of religion or government officials openly hostile to your faith? I don’t and cannot turn a blind eye. We should be much more aware what these candidates are proposing if they want our vote. Lastly, your commitment to Jesus Christ should always come before your race, gender and political views. This is not a matter of left or right; conservative or liberal, this has totally become a case of Antichrist vs Christian values.

3 thoughts on “MY CONSERVATIVE VOTE MATTERS | Ciara Leilani

  1. So proud that you can stand openly about your Christian values. I believe so many Christians are voting the same way you did before you became a Christian. It is hard for me personally to understand how a Christian could vote for a person you stands for the things that are contrary to God’s word. Continue to bold! I pray for His special covering over you as you walk in obedience.


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