November 6, 2018

by: Ciara Leilani


There are many of you who read my post that are extremely careful and polite Christians. So careful to stay in the lines of political correctness that you wouldn’t dare address publicly the real threat towards your marriage, your children who are in demonic bondage, the oppressed and asleep church or the outbreaks of sickness and diseases in communities around you. You will not even address your own spiritual apathy for hopes it does not embarrass you. You my faithful brother/sister read your Bible and go to church week after week but have never truly received or accepted Jesus’s impartation of authority. Week after week you see people walk in and out of Church broken, hurting, empty, demonized and sick just to “hear” a sermon but ”see” absolutely NO DEMONSTRATION of His power! Here is a question, what happened to allowing the Holy Spirit to move however it is that He desires even if your nicely written sermon isn’t preached? Can we not set aside our traditions in hopes to actually see the work of the Holy Spirit in our bodies, our marriages, our children, our assemblies and our communities? Who cares about your fall festivals and annual conferences if the people visiting leave just as enslaved to bondage and divorced from God as they were when you decorated your church for them.

The two reasons for Jesus imparting His Authority to us are:

(1) To cast out demons

(2) To heal every sickness and every disease

Matthew 10:1 (in every version)

Jesus never gave His authority for more attention, elevation, popularity, financial offerings, personal expansion or to build more elaborate churches not even a brand. Where do you see the Lord promoting a particular brand or culture unless it was the Kingdom of God culture? He imparted His authority to those he called His disciples in order to equip them to bring in the harvest of souls that would come AFTER demons were cast out of them and AFTER they were healed. Then he commissioned them to GO OUT not stay in conformity.

Many of you have stopped by Calvary for pardon but have never visited Pentecost for power. Today as the Lord has been pouring into me, I feel his righteous indignation for those who call themselves “his bride” but really resemble a false brethren that have stopped seeing who’s really behind the mayhem in society. Wake Up!! Most of you aren’t ready for the persecution that is coming to the REAL body of Christ for one reason alone.

  • You’re unwilling to leave behind all that Jesus already told you to leave behind.
  • You’re unwilling to challenge those who keep feeding you the “good grace doctrine” but never warn you of the consequences of being religious critics and what will lead you to hell!
  • You’re unwilling to sacrifice by waking up early to pray, fast from meals that keep you in cycles of sickness, give generously to others without holding them to the expectation of them paying you back like a loan shark.
  • You’re willing to start prayer chains for your children but unwilling to forgive your spouse and seek the Holy Spirit for revelation of ANY OPEN DOORS to Satan’s legal rights in your bloodline.
  • When will husbands and wives return to the threshing floor for their children together?
  • When will Pastors and Elders remove the status quo and bow down before their congregations, in solemn worship of The Christ as examples of humility to destroy the religious spirit’s grip?
  • When will the young and old alike fast for this nation and the government leaders to be set free from the principality of darkness over their jurisdictional authority?
  • When will spiritual warfare be a normal teaching in the American church while displaying the authority of Christ without fear?
  • When will the majority of professing Christians stop finding prophecy so scary and learn to (like Paul said) above all else pursue the gift of prophecy?

Hear my heart! Many good Christians have rejected God’s new moves, and consequently, have become stagnant and missed His blessings. It is because many have learned to get their addictions fed (sports, sex, food, drugs, vanity, power) but have no clue where to go to get their soul fed. When he called us to salvation, he expected us to become disciples of his and that means “traveling light” because we will already have what is most important. We can leave it all behind since we take it all with us in Christ. Get up, rip off of your eyes that foolish veil that satan so eloquently placed over your eyes, admit that you’ve been asleep and ask God to revive you. You cannot be a commissioned disciple of Christ if you’re unwilling to rise up from the dead in ALL power and authority!

Sir / Madam are you carrying the banner of God?

Sir / Madam are you a carrier of the flames of revival?

Sir / Madam do you know where God is moving?

Sir / Madam can you feel the new breath of God?

Sir / Madam how many people are you leading to salvation daily?

Sir / Madam are you someone the Holy Spirit is pouring himself out through?

Sir / Madam are you willing to move with God and cry out on your face for a radical move of God in your nation?

There are millions upon millions in India, China, and even here in America who have not yet made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They’re headed for hell. This sir / madam is why the Lord tarries.



What are your thoughts?

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