Why New York’s RHA legislation should shake your soul awake | Ciara Leilani

January 26, 2019
by: Ciara Leilani

I woke up this morning acknowledging every single day is a gift of life and proof there is more to do than just run errands, go to work, eat and fellowship. If you subscribe the school of thought that (1) there is a God (2) He created you (3) Your life has purpose (4) you breathing is proof that your work on earth isn’t done than you approach every morning and day differently than a “whatever” mindset. For the past three days, I’ve sat still while collecting my thoughts on the new legislation that was recently passed in the State of New York. Just to put this in context, the state’s Senate Bill S240 which enacted the Reproductive Health Act had been blocked by Senate Republicans for the better part of a decade. This should shake your soul to this realization, satan has the patience to see his agenda move throughout the earth regardless if our memory keeps up. For the better part of a decade there were moral men and women who continuously blocked the efforts of the minority; whose agenda was fueled by diabolical plans and pieced together by far more intelligent beings than themselves.
God began dealing with me to look past the news headlines, the social media outrage and see what has truly transpired in the bowels of America. The more I studied the word of God, read history and watched current affairs, it became blatantly apparent (upon the passage of RHA) this was merely satan repeating through governmental officials (rulers) what he has already done time and time again through evil rulers in history. Rulers like Herod the Great, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin.
Realizing the devil has destroyed too many Christians who were ignorant of his devices, I pledged to truly seek and learn God’s heart for strategy on this topic. I began to see the rank and file of satan’s kingdom as mentioned in Ephesians 6:12 operating all throughout our national media and government clearer than ever. There are four levels of hierarchy that we must take notice of. It is very important to know, our enemy is not people and our Lord Jesus Christ has won the victory over these demonic powers. All we have to do is stand fast in His victory. Once we grab ahold of this truth, that Satan relates to our flesh, and God relates to our spirit than we should be able to fight from a higher position which is victory. Ephesians 6:12 reads,


Your hand-to-hand combat is not with human beings, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
  • Principalities – Chief rulers; individuals who hold the highest and loftiest position of rank and authority. (1st in Command – highest level)
  • Powers –  Delegated authority; this describes a lower level of demon spirits who have received delegated authority from Satan to carry out all manner of evil in whatever way they desire to do it. (2nd in Command)
  • The Rulers  – The rulers of the world; demon spirits sent out like military soldiers who are committed to kill. (3rd in Command)
  • Hosts of Wickedness  – Evil spirits sent forth to afflict humanity in bad, vile, malevolent, and vicious ways (4th level -lowest level)
Satan uses all these evil forces in his attacks against mankind. Nevertheless, we believers have far more authority and power than the devil and his forces. You and I have the Greater One living within us! As members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we are loaded with heaps and heaps of raw power! The Church has no shortage of power, nor is it deficient in God-given authority. We have more power and more authority than all these evil forces combined! The problem is that the Church today lacks order and discipline. We must learn to see ourselves as the army of God and to view the local church as the training center where we are taught to do God’s business not as a country club to fellowship and venue to mingle. With the Lord, there are always solutions and strategies available that commingle his unwavering truth and unwavering love.
So from this position, I pondered and meditated on the State of our Union. As I did, it became more and more apparent that the spiritual war that has been fought for centuries behind the veil is far more clear and evident today, than ever before in human history. The constant “in your face” tactics used by malevolent beings have always been designed to slowly chip away at the moral fabric of American Judeo-Christian values, not abruptly with shock and horror. Guess what, it’s worked. But don’t be dismayed, God sits peacefully and confidently on the Throne and he will not be mocked. He is The undefeated King and satan knows his time is short.
Recently, many Christian leaders have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Blogs to voice their outrage and shock at the diabolical decisions made in the New York Senate chambers. For the most part, I’ve agreed with what they’ve had to say but feel ever so strongly this is a moment of opportunity that the Church can seize upon. What I’ve concluded is this one thing, now more than ever humanity must be reminded that God’s unending love always sustains us and gives us hope. Think how many of the problems in your life could be solved by embracing the revelation of love found in this truth.
What has transpired in New York (which was America’s original Capitol) has far greater spiritual implications than what’s been realized. The clashing of sides in public view is not to be so minimized as to assume it is merely a political posturing. No, this is a clashing of two opposing kingdoms fighting for the free will of men. The kingdom of Light and the kingdom of Darkness. Nothing that is happening today is new. All which we are facing, experiencing and witnessing today in American culture has happened before in ages prior. I am reminded of the letter Paul wrote to the church in Corinth and how we are so enriched by having this inspired letter. Many see 1 Corinthians as a letter of correction. Indeed, many errors had crept into the belief system of the church of Corinth and the spiritual walk of its members. But 1 Corinthians is not all correction. Paul gave many wonderful teachings to the young church that I am certain we need to revisit and remain focused upon in America today. Some of the issues Paul needed to address include:
  • Living godly in a corrupt culture
  • Being unified as one body without competition
  • Maintaining the priority of sexual and moral purity within the church
  • Understanding more completely the role of spiritual gifts in the context of the church
  • Embracing love as the greatest virtue that must live within our hearts
  • Maintaining orderly worship with proper respect toward one another
  • Keeping the hope of the resurrection burning brightly in our hearts.
While this letter was directed to a specific congregation in a specific Roman city, we are as much of the audience today, given how we mirror many of the characteristics that defined Corinth. Corinth was the New York, London, and Sydney of the ancient world. We need to heed the ageless and never changing voice of God while allowing the Spirit of God to speak into our lives today. We need to learn about the Spirit of God and how he moves and operates. Without him there would be no church, no evangelist impact, no miracles, and no expression of the power of God. For it is not by human means, human power, or human might that these atrocities will reverse course but it is by the limitless power of the Holy Spirit that God’s kingdom realm advances on earth. FYI, Jesus built his church through the Holy Spirit. As a nation, we need God, the only source of wisdom. May we hear Him clearly and respond swiftly to the answers given to us in the inspired word of God.
I leave you with this, when we as a nation will humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways then we will see the mighty and strong hand of God heal our nation. (2 Chronicles 7:14)



One thought on “Why New York’s RHA legislation should shake your soul awake | Ciara Leilani

  1. Well said my sister. Isa. 60 is ringing loud to me… also God has placed many in this time to dig into Corinthians… for such a time as this… thanks for connecting the dots. Victory in Christ!

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