A Wave of Reformation & The Female Reformers | Ciara Leilani

May 25, 2019

by Ciara Leilani

Early this morning the Lord woke me during the fourth watch. Noticing I was not able to go back to sleep I decided to get dressed and take an early morning stroll before the sun rose. It was during this stroll when the Lord began speaking to me about the upcoming wave of reformation and the chosen vessels He would be operating through to bring about one of the greatest reformations of all time, females. The Lord said the following:

Every few hundred years I raise up Reformers out of ashes to stifle the enemy’s hand and to advance My purpose in the earth. There have been many who have cried out for reformation of sorts but have not wanted to pay the cost for such reformation. Perhaps a breakdown of what reformation truly is will aid in your understanding.

Reformation brings about the necessary change that will cost a generation everything in pursuit of everything I offer. Reformation decides to leave behind what once was not because it didn’t work but because it isn’t the best and there is greater! Reformation brings change through channels that only I could author. This wave of reformation will be life altering.

The wave that is coming has to do with My faithful and fervent daughters. The ones who toil in secret and pace in private for My outstretched hand to cover a nation. They are the ones who will say everything or nothing at all but will do the legwork when no one else is watching. They are My up and coming Reformers. These select women have the fortitude and attitude of determination which will not budge when the enemy of your faith comes to instill fear. These women have the grit and grind within them to wrestle with me until daybreak for an outpouring of My Spirit upon ALL flesh. They neither see color nor creed, only eternal versus the temporal. They understand the weightiness of My words and neither play with My anointing by claiming something that is not nor entertain imposters with no reverence of My deity. These ones are the ones I have been refining by fire for several years. These ones have been established by covenant and commission. These ones are not well known yet but as I send them forth everything and everyone that is not in order with My will, will inevitably experience a challenged rebuke so great it will cause them to rethink their life status as did John Wesley. You call them mothers and daughters. I call them My end time Reformers. They will suddenly be advanced as the hour strikes. For My plans are neither late nor uncertain but always on time. Reformers rise up! It’s your time!”

What are your thoughts?

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