Impeachment Efforts of President Trump | Ciara Leilani

July 29, 2019

by Ciara Leilani

On May 22, 2019, at 4:11 a.m. the Lord spoke these words to me about the current efforts to impeach President Donald J. Trump, Impeachment Efforts Will Fail!” I had been listening to the Lord for about 30-40 minutes before I decided to write down His words. I heard the word “interference” in my spirit then heard the Lord tell me to look up that specific word.

Interference– the action of interfering or the process of being interfered with.
intrusion, intervention, intercession, involvement, impinging, encroaching, trespass, trespassing, obtrusion; butting in, barging in; meddling, meddlesomeness, tampering, prying, poking around, nosing around; muscling in, gatecrashing

source: Google

“This is what has been happening to the President as many continue to interfere with what he has been chosen to do for America.”
Lord how do we stop them from continuing their intrusion upon President Trump and his administration?
”Motives will have to first be exposed. You will see the destruction of many motives in the coming days. I am no longer going to watch as his assignment gets derailed because of the high crimes of treason and destruction of evidence. He will prevail and it is because I am on his side. There will be a front runner whose sole purpose is to deceive the masses. Watch how I correct the narrative in mid-sentence. Watch how I expose years of corrupt play-by-play and pay-for-play. Watch how I ignite the levels of darkness within the four corners of the White House. I AM shall reveal the hidden schemes of the people who Americans firmly believe are telling them the truth. This will expose many and will highlight the darkness of your country’s politics.
For I say, the powerful elite will be powerful no more! I am stripping them of their seats in government and the power they so desperately feast upon. They salivate at the thought of more power. There will be a sweeping removal soon. First the unveiling then the sweeping of these high seats. For far too long politics have endangered the genuiness of My people’s heartsListen My child, there are two words you will hear in the coming days, Executive Privilege. This will anger the formal authority operating in the highest seats of power. The clashing of swords is being heard now all around the world. There will be a cleansing take place as a result. Power is seen as the only viable goal for some but I am exposing all of this. Executive Privilege will set off a firestorm of robust calls for impeachment and removal. Trust me in this I say, he will not be impeached or removed for My hand rests upon this leader.”

3 thoughts on “Impeachment Efforts of President Trump | Ciara Leilani

  1. Good morning Ciara, I shared your post with several folks. Of course the media doesn’t want this powerful word to circulate but it has to some. Keep letting God use you! Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  2. Hello Ciara.
    We should keep praying for our President and those who want to continue to destroy his presidency. So God exposes there corruption and remove them from Congress and Senate. There’s a powerful psalm that we must use in prayer, is 82, it says that God’s judgment come to those who are unjust and bring them to justice. Blessings and continue the light to shine. Pastor Hector Soto.

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