Who Is He To You | Ciara Leilani

August 13, 2019

by: Ciara Leilani

I’m sitting on a porch in the hot Texas heat and I can’t help but think about what it is that has always gotten me up and over the mountains or how I became motivated on the days where waiting on the Lord for breakthrough seemed the hardest. 

Rocking back and forth in this chair, I’m reminded that I worship a holy God. Now, the fact that I recognize that I worship a holy God is what established the way I approach Him. He’s my God, not my buddy or my homeboy. He’s my God, not the man upstairs. He’s my God, not the force be with you. He’s my God not my banker. I have noticed how the world and lately some people around me have grown so comfortable mentioning the name of God or His attributes as if He’s just another member of the family. Jesus said when you pray say, “Our Father who is in heaven hallowed be your name.” What is Jesus saying? First, that God isn’t our buddy or our servant. He’s your Father. He is our Father and He dwells in a high exalted place that we would never find on our own. I guarantee there are no “visitors” allowed near His throne….only family. His throne is so far removed from anything you or I have ever experienced and is in a holy dedicated place. Hallowed means that you revere. You must have respect for His name. The ONLY name by which any human being ever born or will ever be can be saved by. Ponder on that before you keep reading. His name is the ONLY NAME under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. When I get ready to approach Him I know it requires a certain level of respect. I am reminded to examine myself before approaching Him. Cleanse my heart with repentance and be comfortable submitting to His holy eyes. That means dealing with matters that I’ve either ignored or have not wanted to deal with and obeying Him if and when He exposes something within me. All of this is necessary IF I dare go before Him. I must be clean and it only happens through submission to the Name of Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) and the Blood of Jesus. When you get alone with God you’ll find it is your finest hour. Just you and the Lord…. because no matter what you’ve been through or done the blood that he willingly she’d paid the ransom for that mess. It’s paid in full. 

Let me talk to those who have no prayer life or who admit their prayer life is completely dead. I encourage you to go back to that place that you once had a lively and thriving prayer life. Abraham went back to Bethel where he raised the altar unto the Lord and called on His name in prayer. He needed to be refreshed, hear His voice again and be revived! Egypt had drained him. When you quit praying this is what you’re telling God: 

1. I have no desire to be alone with you. 
2. I can run my life myself and I don’t need you. I will be the one who makes the decisions in my life. 
3. I can handle my own spiritual warfare and don’t need your assistance. 
4. I am more comfortable being skin deep and do not want to have to do what builds an intimate relationship.
5. I don’t really trust you.

Some say prayer is only talking to God and it’s not really that important. Well I’ll expand that false narrative and tell you a little more about prayer. Let’s see: 

Prayer binds up the devil. 
Prayer opens up the gates of heaven. 
Prayer takes you higher than you could ever carry yourself. 
Prayer is a spiritual weapon. 
Prayer causes you to enter into places in spiritual places that your passport, economic status, education or accomplishments could ever take you. 
Prayer is a gift from God. 
Prayer is the weapon that God has given His children to wage war in the heavenlies.
Prayer brings God closer to you. 
Prayer doesn’t need proof. Prayer needs practice.

When you pray:

Your soul is cleansed.
Your soul receives refreshment. 
Your mind gets clear. 
Your hearing is refined. 
Your view of time and eternity changes. 
Your perspective of people and life changes. 
Your need for the Lord is realized. 
You begin to see God answer prayer. 
Your desire for “temporal things” minimizes. 
Your faith builds and becomes unshakable. 
You realize forgiveness is suitable no matter the offense.**
You become attractive to God’s nature / character. 
You finish in prayer what you’ve been waiting for in unrest and anxiety. 
You grow from being an infant to a mature Christian. 

As you pray you’ll see that your finest hour is when you get alone with Him. Your prayer life will take on new meaning. He will read you. He will walk with you. As you pray He will look deep into your heart. He will tell you things that you want and do not want to know. You will become a better, stronger, and wiser you. 

P.S. There is no substitute for prayer –Bible reading, Bible Study Groups, women conferences, men’s breakfast meetings, memorization of scripture— all this is wonderful but there is no substitute for prayer.

3 thoughts on “Who Is He To You | Ciara Leilani

  1. Ciara, such TRUTH and top priority, PRAYER! Thank you for sharing and reminding me to stay on track, HIS HOLY LOVE undergirds PRAYER, His for us and ours for Him…and enriches all Bible studies, conferences, retreats, and daily life. He answers and leads through prayer…Great is Thy Faithfulness! So grateful for Christ in you, the hope of His Glory!!!

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