Seasons of Transition | Ciara Leilani

November 17, 2019

by: Ciara Leilani

One of the keys to shifting you to the next level is when God begins to place a burden deep within you for the secret place. This isn’t for everyone. In fact less than most will receive this burden. God will not reveal to you that this is what is happening or that He is doing this however all of a sudden you will sense an unusual hunger for time alone with Him and for the Word of God. You will notice regular habits begin to fade, relationships that once were priority begin to take a backseat and various insignificant activities begin to cease from giving you pleasure.

When this certain season comes in your life, usually your urge to stay alone with the Lord becomes magnified. Not many will understand this is happening to you, not even your spouse. Friendships will definitely not understand so please do not try explaining it to them. Simply ask the Holy Spirit for the right words to release them for the time being. The invitation from God to go away with Him into the secret place is an indication by the Spirit of God that you are wrapping up an old season and about to transition into the new one. This is also the area where satan has mastery. If you miss that junction or the opportunity it can cost you many many years to turn around and get back to that original place until you yield to the full authority and plan of God. The Holy Spirit must have your total dependency. 

Satan doesn’t just attack people every day. He knows that if he did, people would become aware of his schemes and seek Godly wisdom on how to defeat him. His greatest weapon is deception, therefore he must remain cloaked in secrecy until he has his hook in. What he does is, he waits on the kairos seasons of your life to come. He knows that man moves in phases and seasons. He also realizes that if he failed to stop you from being born, then he must absolutely position himself in a way that will cause as many interruptions and delays in your path so you do not find yourself answering the call on your life.

He first attempts to stop your destiny from being activated through birth–this is why abortion has always been a sinister and personally crafted scheme of satan. Then once he fails to cause an interruption to your birth then he will activate a new plan of attack towards you while you walk closer and closer towards The Cross of Jesus Christ in order to prevent you from receiving your gift of salvation. Again, he doesn’t just attack every day. He waits and has made many plans to interrupt the plan of God on your life. Remember when he left Jesus and said to him, I know another moment when I will meet you. “After the devil had finished testing Jesus in every way possible, he left him for a while.” (Luke 4)

For this reason and many more, God will usually begin to place a quiet urge within you to FAST. Fasting is not just a religious activity or a command for Christians from Jesus. No, it is also one of the highest levels of preparation a Believer can engage in. When you fast you are building capacity within you for the seasons ahead. Your inner-man is being strengthened in ways your soul (mind, will, emotions) cannot comprehend. If you cannot comprehend it, how can you explain it? There are many things in our lives that require extended periods of fasting and waiting on the Lord. Not every decision in your life has equal implication. For example, one does not need too fast in order to figure out what clothing to wear. You only need common sense but there are major decisions that require fasting for divine input. Some examples: 

  1. Lord who do I settle down with for the rest of my life?
  2. Lord should I quit my job and take this internship or relocate to study abroad?
  3. Lord is this the house you have for us?
  4. Lord should I enroll in this education program?
  5. Lord am I hearing you correctly to travel to this/that country?

There are many people that the devil destroyed by planting a seed (thought) in their mind when activated led them out of the will of God. Had they fasted, prayed then waited….they would have been protected and ultimately victorious. It takes spiritual discernment and sensitivity to know what is favor and what is deception. They look the same but only one is from God. 

Is God speaking to you? How do you know that is the voice of God? You’ve got to know the voice of God for your life. There may come a time when you are faced with making an extremely sensitive decision that literally holds the entire relevance of your life within that one decision. You cannot make such a decision while sleepy, ignorant or without the Counsel of God. When Jesus needed to select twelve men who would walk with him for three years and later become the twelve Apostles of the Lamb, whose names would ultimately become the foundation of the New Heaven (New Jerusalem) the Bible says that Jesus stayed up all night praying. It was that important to know who among him were to be selected. A decision had to be made and Jesus Christ, sought the Counsel of the Holy Spirit. He waited….

— Do you know that walking in the flesh is the major reason why most people never become relevant to an entire generation? 

— Do you know how many people in ministry are performing from past seasons of old wine with little to no fresh wine?  It’s simply because in order to acquire new wineskin the Lord requires that it cost you something. There is a cost to acquiring the fresh oil (anointing) that breaks the yokes and bands of wickedness. The sacrifice has to be of free will. Without your willingness to sacrifice, the inevitable delay will lead to hopelessness and a habit of living beneath your God ordained purpose. 

Rise up child of God! Rise up from the ash heap! The Spirit of the living God is breathing on you afresh today.

The flesh is deceptive. The flesh will tell you a voice is God’s meanwhile everything in your life will prove that it is not. It will not be revealed as deception until you wait. There is something about waiting, not just praying but waiting. Many in the Body of Christ pray but few wait. Most pray for “a sign” but never wait for God’s true answer. To wait means to trust. Anytime satan begins to see you are making your way to the perfect will of God (walking upright) he will immediately begin to throw a plan of distraction in your path. When he saw that Isaac was coming he pushed Hagar very fast into Abraham’s pathway. If he sees God trusts you with money and wants to give you $20,000,000 in the next season of your life for the work of the Kingdom he (satan) will distract you by making a way for you to acquire $2,000,000 now so that it appears you have plenty and are satisfied. This is one of his major schemes, distraction.

Our generation has lost the art of waiting on God. This is why we do not have conviction like man once did. The prophetess Ana had a Word from the Lord and a vision. She so believed this word would come and the vision made manifest that she remained in the Temple of the Lord waiting until it came to pass. Then upon seeing what she knew was surely from the Lord she passed away. She waited. 

For many of you, you’re weary and have been waiting for so long for God’s promises to come to pass in your life. Let me encourage you with this peaceful statement of fact, God is never late and cannot fail. Isaiah 55:11 states, “It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it will not return to me empty. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.” I Samuel 3:19 states, “Now Samuel grew; and the Lord was with him and He let none of his words fall to the ground.” Samuel was a prophet of the Lord and only spoke what the Lord spoke for him to release to the people therefore Samuels words referenced here are really the Lord’s words. If Isaiah is telling you that the Lord’s words will not return to Him and Samuel is telling you that the Lord’s words will not fall to the ground what this means is the promises of God are neither returning or falling but suspended in the atmosphere waiting for you to pull them down in activation in your life AT THE RIGHT TIME. Words of the Lord are activated when you partner with them by faith and are activated by your audible words of agreement. You must ESTABLISH what has not yet been seen with your words. Too many have never repented of then renounced the many word curses that were foolishly spoken about self and others. Where do you think those words go? Who do you think those words give permission to be used by? Your words are either life or death. They either activate the Hosts of Heaven on your behalf or the Hordes of Hell against you. Very few people believe what God has said instead they doubt, which unfortunately tells God you believe Him to be a liar. This will never move God on your behalf.

There is little conviction for doubting what the sovereign Lord has spoken. No conviction because there is hardly any respect for the secret place. Friends, there will never change in a generation if we do not grab ahold of the deep power of waiting in the secret place. There are Kairos seasons in our lives when God requires us to be serious. These are opportune times for you and God to grow while advancing the purposes of God through your life on earth. Keep in mind if you are still waiting on God to restore, or recover something(s) you may have lost in a previous season, not everything can be recovered at the same time. Some recoveries will take years before you ever see them again. Consequences are never prevented just because you live for God. In fact, the more you trust in God and wait on Him, the more you will experience consequences of your faith to include the separation of friendships, ending of some relationships and what will feel like isolation. That isolation is merely God purging, pruning then proofing you for the work of His ministry while you live to fulfill your destiny. Why not live it to the fullest for His glory. 

Lord, I come before you today with sincerity of heart. I acknowledge that I have not allowed you to properly be positioned as Lord over my entire life. I ask your forgiveness for living as if you have truly been Lord. I thank you for your generous and merciful heart. I ask you to lead me today Holy Spirit into becoming a dependent child of God whose focus is on pleasing God rather that being a god. I want to give you access to all of me. You’re the One who is faithful and true and because of who you are I invite you to heal my heart. I want to put my trust in you today. I invite you to interrupt my whole life for your glory. Come into my entire life and drive away all that has been positioned above your name. As of today I give you my heart to heal, restore, fill and make new. I will wait on you to show and guide me how to live under the Banner of your Will. Help me to put my complete trust in you Lord. Thank you.” 

10 thoughts on “Seasons of Transition | Ciara Leilani

  1. This is undoubtedly the most profound reading I have done today.
    “This is also the area where satan has mastery. If you miss that junction or the opportunity it can cost you many many years to turn around and get back to that original place until you yield to the full authority and plan of God. The Holy Spirit must have your total dependency.” Your words resonated very deeply and I will ponder on them for some time. Thank you!

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