Word for The Church | Ciara Leilani

December 29, 2019


I hear the Lord saying,

I am about to speed up time in order for my children who are asleep to awaken rapidly. The time will expand the reach of my faithful and committed. This time that I am speeding up will enable the “awakened church” to work much more rapidly while the “asleep church” is nudged by what I will now permit. It is time to awaken.

It is time to awaken to what I have called each of you to. No more slumber. No more stalling. Satan cannot hinder my agenda. He’s worked tirelessly to delay it. Listen oh hearer! Listen my Bride! I am speeding up time which requires much more diligence. Harvest seasons will come much more rapidly upon the sowing and toiling seasons. This is my doing. Awaken oh sleeper! Do not envy the diligent, and do not hinder the prodigals anymore. Let them come home. I have been awaiting their arrivals. Who do you think is turning their hearts to my voice? You? Do you think it is you who has begun to awaken my lost and the betrayed? No, it’s their merciful and faithful Father who has opened the pathways for their weary bodies to come unto me. They are tired and I am ready to restore them.

More are coming home. Watch! Watch how Hollywood and even Bollywood returns to me. They do not need your approval oh sleeper. They need a Father. They desire approval and care. They want commissioning and peace. Peace in their souls which one will never find in the wilderness without me. My Spirit is ready to awaken those in the deepest of sleep. Think not that it is safe for you to be in the front row while you do nothing for those who barely make it into my last row. Those who arrive according to your timetable, “late” are actually arriving on time. Oh sleeper! I am the Author of time, and I say now it is time to accelerate such time.

Watch! From pilots to refugees they will return home to me. I am permitting them to by-pass the rituals you have adopted. None of that is necessary for their return. All I seek is a pure heart. A sincere heart of weariness and tiredness can be turned into a heart of compassion and deep revival with just one touch.

Watch! For those who many of you have disposed of and ignored will now surpass the elite and the well known. They were forged in secret and in repeated testing through my fire. I am approving the meek. I am commissioning the faithful. I am restoring the peacemakers and am going to ignore the cries of the haughty. The time is now, to be accelerated for my glory!

Watch! For now is the hour of stillness and humble acceleration. Those who would otherwise be deemed unqualified have been mantled with my Name and have a mission to accomplish. Some you know of and others you do not. They will ride the wings of my truth tellers and pronounce peace where there is real peace and judgment where there is no repentance. Arise oh sleeper! For your hour has come. It is time to let the world know I am coming for my full Bride. Listen to the herald. Listen to my messengers. Listen to the breath of God through words written and spoken. Listen! Your eyes will bear witness to this truth. Arise oh sleeper! Arise!


–Ciara Leilani


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