JEZEBEL — Let Me Identify You | Ciara Leilani

February 3, 2020
By: Ciara Leilani

This spirit has a very sinister method of convincing, manipulating and deterring individuals from doing everything they were destined to do. This spirit has a sole purpose, it is to destroy the destiny of man. Nothing more and nothing less. The Jezebel spirit has been closely linked to the destruction of many marriages, churches and organizations of which were predestined to be exceptional examples, leaders and even world changers. This spirit identifies then targets anyone who is anointed by the Holy Spirit to do His will in the earth. The spirit is neither male nor female but it has an ability to make changing roles easy for detection purposes. It does not like to be exposed let alone confronted. Jezebel the person who once lived was confronted by a righteous warrior named Jehu. Her mannerisms were that of jealousy, rage, anger, manipulation, evil, seduction and even sorcery. She did not allow for others to make choices for themselves because she so influenced their beliefs they had little room for a personal opinion. Any opinion formed had the influence of Jezebel infused thoroughly throughout. This spirit is known to destroy relationships that have been forged for a very long time. The negative and perverse influence this spirit operates through is extremely subtle and never noticed at first. It takes divine discernment and patience to wait this spirit out. Eventually it will expose itself for its narcissistic traits will not be hidden for long periods of time.

A person under the control and or operation of the Jezebel spirit will appear to be calm in demeanor and often desires to take the lead when there does not seem to be either someone in leadership already or that someone is not to this spirit’s liking. They control through subtle dominance and seductive manipulation. Not sexual but seductive in that the mannerisms will often seem in the form of a victim, victim-like, tactics will include bringing up a past that has either been forgotten, no longer valid, insignificant or having been forgiven by the Blood of Jesus. Jezebel spirits hate being confronted with the truth that Jesus forgives once and for all and that the past is no longer relevant. This serves as a reminder that the spirit does not actually have control only a perceived form of control. This spirit will often laugh directly in the face of or behind the back of the servant Holy Spirit has anointed to speak and move on His behalf. A sign of confrontation without being outright confrontational in a passive aggressive manner.

This spirit will use tactics such as:

  • Gossip —  spreads information that would otherwise not be known by the other party unless told.
  • Salacious Gossip — spreads information that is provocative, meant to deposit a corrupt seed, bad ideas that perverts knowledge. 
  • Mean Gossip — spreads information meant to do damage and harm to reputations, relationships often for total destruction.
  • Lies —  will completely fabricate total stories through false information in order to force their will, manipulates through lies formed to sound very believable, relatable and sincere.
  • Slanderuses criticism in order to chip away at reputations of others and gain trust by harming and misrepresenting others.
  • Layers of Guilt — uses emotional and psychological manipulation in seducing guilt onto its targeted victims.
  • Confusionuses twisted truths mixed with lies so to disguise their desire to create division, hurt, disunity, disloyalty and pain.
  • Subtle Obediencedisguises themselves as obedient servants, willing vessels, talented volunteer(s) in order to plant into leadership roles in church, and in order to get close to church, ministry or business leadership.
  • Kind Confidante — uses the needs of others to build a coalition and confidence of individuals in need of inner healing, confirmation, affirmation, and belonging.
  • Spiritual Advisorwill embed themselves patiently in roles of leadership long before their true identity is ever uncovered. First subtly as a volunteer, a listening ear, reliable servant, sound mentor, wise counselor, close family friend.
  • Increases Insecurityuses bias opinion(s) in order to coerce emotional stability. Often will manipulate a person(s) decisions (often final decision) rather than a husband, senior pastor, close mentor, or parent. (look at previous tactic)
  • Record Keeper — often will remind its victims of their past and the past of others in a last ditch effort to initiate control,  to maintain control, to manipulate and to discredit others sent of the Lord — those the Jezebel spirit are truly intimidated by. (i.e. Holy Spirit filled prophets, pastors, ministers, leaders, husbands, wives)
  • Victim Identityuses real traumas (past or present) from its host in order to continue to manipulate relationships as needed.
These are just a few of the tactics the Jezebel spirit will deploy in order to begin, complete and accomplish its sinister plan. Make no mistake about the lengths this spirit will go in order to make themselves seem absolutely innocent. You will never detect this spirit in operation without the Gift of Discernment from the Holy Spirit. The origins of the wickedness of the Jezebel spirit is the very heart of satan.

It is important to note, this spirit uses anyone whether man or woman. There is no gender preference for this particular spirit to operate through. Its goal is to find, then target anyone who has an open door through a wound. Wounds from unresolved or unforgiven matters in areas such as, parental wounds, wounds of infidelity, pastoral or ministry wounds, sibling rivalry. This spirit will even partner with the Widow spirit in order to enter in through wounds from death and to affect further those grieving the loss of spouses, loved ones, or any one of which they held a soul tie with. This spirit is wicked at its core.

There are many areas this spirit can be exposed but one tell-tell-sign this spirit is in operation within someone is by merely identifying their mannerisms when the Spirit of God is moving through a person near them. There will often be closet jealousy, fuming judgments, raging envy and a tsunami of words to discredit the person (not themselves) that is getting attention that they believe is misdirected. At Jezebels core is narcissism. Jezebel cannot help but be the center of attention when given an opportunity. Jezebel wants to be seen, heard, understood, needed and honored. This spirit will be none of those and receive none of those when the Spirit of God is near. For the Spirit of God commands attention for His glory alone. Jezebel will quietly plot (often internally and very patiently) how to subvert the progress made by the tangible presence of God— often to the detriment of passive pastors unwilling to confront this spirit. This spirit like all other demonic spirits has no self control. That is a fruit of the Holy Spirit therefore, will NEVER exude self control. They cannot help themselves. They literally cannot help themselves when building coalitions albeit secretly often with individuals who exude similar characteristics. Some of these coalitions will be so stealth the persons in cahoots with Jezebel will not even know they have been weaved into a web of deceit themselves. Jezebel has a history of stirring people up to behave abominably.

Jezebel has one goal, one assignment, one endeavor — total dominance and destruction. This will often be accomplished through internal confidence or external influence. You will rarely see Jezebel reveal itself immediately. No. It will take for the Holy Spirit to nudge your spirit to certain behaviors, mannerisms and patterns for you to notice Jezebel in operation. It will require immediate confrontation, preferably through elders, head of a household or a Holy Spirit led ministry to deal with this spirit. Never assume someone is “a Jezebel” for we do not wrestle with flesh and blood. It is improper to assume a woman or a man is Jezebel, instead try to remember they were made in the image of God and are either being controlled (used) by the Jezebel spirit or have no idea they are manifesting characteristics like the Jezebel spirit. Either way, the enemy is satan and Jezebel is one of his highest ranking demons under his control not the human soul.

The Holy Spirit is the only answer for confronting the Jezebel spirit. It is His wisdom that will grant you the strategy to identify, confront and expel this wicked spirit from your midst once and for all. Through the Blood of Jesus anyone willing and desiring to be free can be totally healed and set free. The key is willingness and personal desire to surrender to the authority of Jesus Christ. Even the woman named Jezebel who lived and reigned ferociously as found in the books of 1 & 2 Kings was given time to repent. Jesus Christ mentions Jezebel in his letter to the Church of Thyatira in Revelation 2:20-22, “But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads (seduces) My servants astray. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. I gave her time to turn to me and change the way she thinks and acts, but she refuses to turn away from her sexual sins.Therefore, I will throw her on a bed of suffering, along with those who commit adultery with her will also suffer greatly, unless they repent from acting like her.”

God always sends a prophet to warn. Most who have been in relationship with the Jezebel spirit will often refuse or ignore the warnings. In fact, they will hear the warnings, see the mannerisms, know the truth and still refuse to believe someone they love, hold in high esteem or have known for long periods of time was operating under the authority of a Jezebel spirit. Again, God always sends a prophet (see 1 kings 22) to warn and dethrone the place Jezebel has been secretly establishing dominion. That dominion may be subtle and behind the scenes or out in the open with no rivalry but it is false dominion. God gave dominion to His children in Genesis 1:26.

There is more to come on this topic. Jezebel had children and had puppets. Those puppets are known as false prophets. I will speak and write more on this topic a little time later. I hope this brief introduction has given you something to ponder upon and pray about. May the Lord give you insight, clarity, courage and strategy in how to confront the Jezebel spirit from among your midst. God be with you.


3 thoughts on “JEZEBEL — Let Me Identify You | Ciara Leilani

  1. Growing up in the ministry we heard much about this Jezebel spirit and I never thought much of it, but as an adult and going back to the ministry and living life this Jezebel spirit is seen and understood more than ever. It’s seen in our homes, work, schools and unfortunately in some of our place of worship, may God be with us all.

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