Word regarding Congress | Ciara Leilani

February 5, 2020

by: Ciara Leilani

At approximately 7:35 p.m. the Lord began speaking the following words to me. It concerns our nation’s recent Impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump, members of the House of Representatives, members of the Senate and others.

I hear the Lord saying, “There’s an army storming. Footsteps all around. They stand in banquet halls and in Senate Chambers shouting Impeach! Impeach! Impeach with fury. Visceral hatred and rage reverberating from their lungs similarly to how they shouted, Crucify Him! Crucify Him! Crucify Him! This murderous spirit was once again defeated. The enemy is openly defeated. He never likes public embarrassment. For he always looks for a way to bring revenge. But this is one thing that he cannot do. He cannot come against My order. For this acquittal was simply man performing what I have decreed in Heaven. For I have found Donald Trump not guilty. They look for high crimes and misdemeanors amongst his camp but I have found them guilty of the same crimes they are seeking to blame on him. In the coming days I will come to reveal my evidence on public display, like the sky. I will begin to reveal my evidence and the world will see this trial on public display. But these individuals are America’s greatest leaders. These are the ones on trial. For they have decided to come against me yet again. I’ve given them time. Time to reverse course and bow down in humility. For many of them have been extremely defiant of My order. They have said the same thing that others said long ago, “Look He doesn’t see what we’re doing behind these closed doors.” For I see inside the House of Representatives just like I saw inside of the Temple. Nothing is hidden from me.”


–Ciara Leilani



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