Cancel Culture vs. The Patriarch | Ciara Leilani

July 13, 2020
by: Ciara Leilani

Ever since sin dulled the human ears to hearing and human eyes to seeing God, He has not been able to communicate with everyone individually. The race as a whole does not desire His fellowship and is not sensitive enough to hear His voice. For that reason, God has had to find individuals with whom He can communicate personally, THEN speak to the rest of the human race through them.

Through the ages, He has raised up patriarchs and prophets to be His spokesmen to mankind. Perhaps this is why the Black Lives Matter founders and Cancel Culture would like to cancel the Patriarch in America.

There is no such culture without the patriarch. Seed was only given to one half of the two genders and that is the male. Satan has always had a very contentious yet lazer focus view of his greatest nemesis. The human male.

From the very beginning after he fell (because of his corrupt trading) was living in a state of dictatorship utopia until God said, “I will put hostility between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He will strike your head, and you will strike his heel.” Genesis 3:15

Here’s the thing, satan had to have heard that statement and immediately become confused. As stated earlier, women do not have seed (sperm) therefore how could God carry this decree forth? Science does not support that statement and logic couldn’t make sense of it. Not being equal to God and not having infinite wisdom, it was then that satan began crafting a plan to destroy the human male. Her seed!

Ever since that statement, satan has been in perpetual enmity with the woman’s male seed. God has never renounced that decree therefore, when Jesus (being the seed that fulfilled the declaration) accomplished what God stated, satan did not expect the Sons of God to still be able to crush his head. Canceling patriarchy is satan’s idea, not the Black Lives Matter organization, The Feminist movement or any other shadow puppet.

The very image of a father figure over a family, tribe or congregation sends hell’s supreme leader into a schizophrenic episode that forces him to work tirelessly until that male is either ineffective, undervalued, removed, or murdered. He murders reputations as well as flesh. If he cannot kill the seed in the womb through abortion, he works tirelessly for the rest of that soul’s life to destroy any form of healthy, righteous, loving existence so as to not look anything like the One who created it.

The human race will cease to exist without the patriarch. Satan knows that in the last days, God said, “I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Males included.

Now more than ever, men are being hunted by the malevolent creature to have single handily cause the fall of the human race. His aim is to dehumanize, destroy beyond recognition, annihilate the very image this male has from his DNA. He is the literal genesis of God’s perfect self image into creation. He was personally created then formed. (Catch that) God took unimaginable time while creating the male in order to have a spitting image of His nature walking in a physical body. One who would reign within both the temporal and eternal realms at the same time. The genesis of God’s perfect creation that (get this) included parts of Himself is the human male. No other form of creation has part of God’s DNA within it besides the female. No fallen angel, nature or wildlife has God’s DNA, only His perfect imagination and creativity. When males become born again, they rise to become a spiritually resurrected high value target whose level of peril to satan’s kingdom is neither calculable nor quantifiable.

Men have been missing the fruit of consistent discipleship from spiritual fathers who have no agenda other than being servants to the Godhead and faithful stewards of their positioning. Spiritual fathers can step in where the absence of a natural father has left a void. Through authoritative word decrees, laying on of hands–impartation, consistent mentorship and walking side-by-side from infancy to maturation. These will undoubtedly bear the kind of fruit that will change an entire generation.

The world needs the born again male to awaken spiritually to his rightful position through sonship.


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