Wake Up Church | Ciara Leilani

August 2, 2020
by: Ciara Leilani
I bet I won’t hear, “Daughter, why didn’t you tell them what I was telling you in your ear?” At noisome, I’ve been speaking. Listen….

There is a coordinated evil agenda that has surfaced globally by the wicked elitists from every continent. This is the Anti-Christ agenda through lawlessness with the goal to establish Globalism. You have to ask yourself, what aren’t we seeing? I know what you think you’re seeing but what aren’t you really seeing?

Isn’t it interesting, that in 2020 the Hebraic calendar is known as “The Year of the Mouth” which represents the influence, authority, and the Kingdom power the Body of Christ has in order to speak boldly. Instead, during “The Year of the Mouth” it has turned into The Year of The Mask and we are experiencing a global silencing of the mouth. The only place God established for the breath of life to flow from.

For the average uninformed lethargic enclosed shell, let me just tell you, this is very real. I absolutely unequivocally do not care about your political persuasion right now. If you are paying attention (documented cases) a global network of pedophiles in high places are about to be and have been exposed. The false prophet– American media has tried to hide what is in plain sight by not reporting it. Some of these pedophiles are well known American politicians, well known legal geniuses, Hollywood millionaires, international government officials and Members of the House of Windsor. Royalty…. did you read what I just wrote. Members of royalty have been identified as having more than an international friendship with one of America’s most notorious convicted pedophiles— Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew, Duke of York has been identified in court documents as heavily involved in an underground pedophile network that crosses the pond. For your information, The House of Windsor is the reigning royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms since July 17, 1917. That would be roughly 103 years. But wait, there’s more. Bill Clinton – the former president and the husband of the woman who ran for president in 2016, has been implicated in legal filings as being present many times on Jeffrey Epstein’s private “Pedo” island by witnesses and exploitation victims who say he was with “two young girls.” Ask yourself, why is this being swept under the rug in an election year?

In America, the Governor (Pharaoh) of California has banned attendance in church, in home gatherings, public and private worship making these First Amendment rights illegal. Ask yourself how far will this go? Schools are shut down—what changes are being made to the curriculum while the schools are shut down? The LGBTQIA+ agenda is now REQUIRED in public schools in order to teach LGBT history. California became the first state to pass a law requiring schools to teach LGBT history in 2011, followed by Colorado and New Jersey in 2019. As of July 2020, Illinois became the fourth state requiring public schools to teach LGBT history.

As diabolical as this is, let me tell you with strong prophetic assurance, Babylon is falling! Those who have perpetuated these evil agendas are in the process of falling now. First exposure then the great fall. The assault on the Church is blatant– no longer hidden. Sir/Ma’am, can you not see? This is not just about social gatherings, social justice or teaching an inclusive history. Millions have marched with in American streets with no masks, many media networks in the State of Florida, State of Texas and State of California have all been exposed as the false prophets that they are and were required to retract dozens of published articles falsifying COVID-19 reporting.

I encourage you to study the Word of God for yourself, pray, stand on the foundations of the gospel that you’ve been taught. The Bible says “a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17 Now is the time for that! This is war, spiritual warfare and you must gird up the loins of your mind. Spend time in prayer and in the Word. Get out of your feelings and emotions— get out of the flesh and into the Spirit. Study to show yourself approved. 2 Timothy 2:15 Before you begin debating and arguing STUDY what the Word says. Study history. How long has the lawless one been at work to remove Jehovah God from the Seven Mountains of Influence? Also referred to as the seven pillars of culture or spheres of society:

1. Religion
2. Family
3. Education
4. Government
5. Media
6. Arts & Entertainment
7. Business

The secularization of the American school system has deeply affected our children. They are being brainwashed in public schools. If you don’t believe me, sit with your children begin to ask them hard questions. Invite their friends over, ask them questions. With respect, you will see that this generation is the true walking dead and emotionally illiterate while being graduated at alarming rates.

This is a global reset allowed and permitted by God. Anytime there is a reset you have to inquire what software is being installed. When Apple, Android or Microsoft send you notice that a software update is available you can either proceed without reading what software updates are being installed or you can read line by line what will be installed (with your permission). The Saints are called to be the Sentinels for this great hour of reset. Do you understand? What is a Sentinel? It is a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch.

Listen, The Kingdom of God is rising and Babylon is falling. Open your eyes. Turn off Dr. Anthony Fauci and turn on worship music that ushers you and your family into the Holy of Holies. Shut off the false prophets—mainstream media and open your Bibles. Too many have relied on Pastors to feed them as if they were wearing a bib. Breaking news: Pastors are not responsible for feeding you. They are required to shepherd you. Many of the Pastors in America have been propped up to celebrity status and idols. God is resetting! God is removing! God is restoring! God is setting right!

Wake up America! Wake up Saints! Bibles are being burned, Ministry and Church doors have been boarded shut, Church buildings have been vandalized and set on fire, funding for the unemployed has been held up by elected politicians unless money for ABORTION is included in this next bill, Pastors are being arrested for holding faith services while following CDC guidelines. Do you still not see? I wrote about this not too long ago and said persecution is not coming to America’s borders. It is already here.

Saints, this is our Red Sea moment! The Israelites were closed in on all sides with what seemed to be no way out. Only impeding death. Pharaoh and his army were behind with an appetite for death and the Red Sea was ahead barring them from moving further. No one saw a way out but the God of Heaven made a way of deliverance when His people cried out! What are you going to do in this hour while those who have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying are (have been) shouting WAKE UP CHURCH! It is God’s desire that we move from one level to the other. This is His divine reset. Time does not change things. Time only reveals. Will you move with the Spirit of God in this hour or are you so asleep that you are refusing to acknowledge the obnoxious alarm set by Heaven?


3 thoughts on “Wake Up Church | Ciara Leilani

  1. Good stuff Ciara,

    I had a dream 4 years ago before the 2016 election. I am posting it below for your review.

    I had a dream 10/06/2016 where once again I was walking on a wall as a watchman would do. This time, however, I had a trumpet or horn in my hands and I was blowing it as in I was sounding an alarm. When I looked down from the wall I saw people nestled in their beds fast asleep. There were many beds. No one was prepared for battle. No one paid attention to the alarm being sounded by the trumpet.
    Just before falling asleep I was praying fervently about the upcoming election. I know that the trumpet I was sounding was a call to prayer and fasting concerning the upcoming election. This election could change the United States as we know it, I believe. Those in their beds, I firmly believe, were Christians. It is amazing to me that none in my dream got up at the sound of the trumpet.
    Joe 2:15 Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly.

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    1. Tony, the church has been asleep for a long time and then wonder what is going on. Some are awake and groggy and are being drawn into the lies/deception of the Anti-Christ agenda and not seeing clearly what is going on.
      Our church is doing a global time of fasting & prayer because we need answers from God in this time of trouble. Our theme for our January fast was, Open Our Eyes. We’re fasting and praying for the country, government, children going back to school, churches opening, violence to cease, the Bride to be awakened, revival, and I’m praying people’s eyes to be open to the agenda behind Black Lives Matter.
      Anyone can join us in the fast at

      God bless!

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