Word for Concerning the state of America | Ciara Leilani

August 5, 2020

8:58 a.m.

Just after the sun rose this morning, the Lord woke me. We began like most mornings with me giving thanks for yet another day, but this particular morning, I decided to talk to him about some concerns I had on my heart regarding the upcoming Presidential Election. I mentioned how so much of American society is riddled with lies, consumed with betrayal and the willful demonstration of destruction. I honestly was just releasing my heartfelt grief about the state of our country. Then almost instinctively, I asked the Lord what was on His heart. I wanted to hear if he had any particular areas of concern that He might share with me. The following words are what was spoken:


You asked me about the upcoming election in your inner heart. Here is my answer. Those who have nestled in power for decades will soon see how powerful they truly are. Some have been upright while others have been there on satan’s behalf. Your nation as you know it, will change dramatically in the coming days. Some have only seen a fraction of what is intended by the anarchists. I have seen it all My child. There will be chaotic demonstrations of revolt and even death. Why? Why would I permit this to occur? If I interrupted every decision man has in his heart is that free will? No it is not. What you are noticing in the hearts of men publicly is what has been there privately. Why is this surprising to the body of Christ? Didn’t I give you as a gift the ability to discern the spirit behind a matter? Some rarely use their spiritual gifts while others have discarded them all together.

I am waking up America to more than “possibilities.” America was created to be a land of opportunities that become realities. I know this because I set it in motion. I designed America in my heart long before she existed. Some would have you and others believe that America was a mistake, a burden, a tumultuous nation that birthed slavery and hatred at its onset. That is not so. Slavery was birthed elsewhere and was carried throughout the nations of the world through one being, satan. His agenda has always been to enslave the minds of men for his means of trade. I assure you of this, America is a nation that is my beloved but she must arise to who she was always created to be. Right now there is revolt and chaos in places that seem unsure of their identity. This President was sent by me, not as an answer but as an opportunity for the Church to find the answers needed. There has been time for the Church to rise and awaken. Under his Presidency there has been time. I know there are many who truly hate this nation. Those individuals will see the love that I have for America and My love is strong. I do not hate America nor have I shunned America. I want America to become the nation that returns to her beloved place of existence. Change, much change is coming in this November to your nation’s Capitol. Warfare will increase as the agendas become on full display. No more time to remain hidden. All must be exposed now. I am exposing it all. It is me doing so.”

–Ciara Leilani

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