U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy | Ciara Leilani

September 22, 2020
1:08 a.m.

Early this morning the Lord woke me and began to speak the following words:

Filling the vacancy left by the mortal that entered eternity will indeed cause many to grow weary and expound violence. I desire peace at all costs but there are many in the land of the living whose sole purpose is to destroy and maim. I have said in times passing, that I am the One who is permitting the exposures. I am not finished yet. There are many secrets on the verge of exposure. For there is a scriptural requirement that I established long ago. That is, that all that is hidden shall be brought into the light. I will not tolerate my children being harmed. Watch how the narrative shifts in favor of those who are being harmed. I am for them!”
— Ciara Leilani

One thought on “U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy | Ciara Leilani

  1. Awesome!!! This is so exciting to know our Abba Father is using his prophets to keep His children reminded and encouraged that nothing takes Him by surprise and that He is working ALL things together for our good so we don’t need to depend on our limited human understanding…we just simply acknowledge Him in ALL our ways and Ge will direct our paths!!! Thank you for always boldly sharing as He permits and directs you to!

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