The Shaking | Ciara Leilani

October 1, 2020
by: Ciara Leilani
“Those who are putting culture over Kingdom will not be moving forward in this season. The Lord is shaking anything and everything that can be shaken. Including some of the hearts behind [the pulpit] who see with dirty lenses as well as politicians with perverted hidden motives.”
Division through emotional reunions with familiar spirits that have been unleashed from hell as proof satan is at DEFCON 2 in his personal attempt at destroying the destiny of America. Evil spirits whose main objectives are to create havoc by invoking carnal perspectives have amassed record numbers of victories. Their goal is to cause mass casualties by blinding men and causing an entire generation to miss the move of the Holy Spirit.
Here’s a news flash, El Shaddai is on the throne not satan or his staff. Yeshua the Messiah is seated in victory and glory with trophies in His hand not Jezebel. (The keys to death, and hell). He personally defeated the grave. His Spirit is moving about in every sphere of influence and raising up the remnant that will soon be deployed on time. The Trinity is not at DEFCON 2. Why? Because they’ve seen the end from the beginning.
In fact, it’s the paranoid schizophrenic Satan that is panicking and rushing to create chaos ahead of his impending further defeat. He sees the writing on the wall and recognizes the anointing that he so highly wishes he still had. Keep in mind, as mentioned in scripture he was the only anointed angel therefore he knows and fully understands the power and authority of Christ’s anointing upon a human being.
One of the oldest yet most effective weapons of the demonic arsenal is CARNALITY. Satan needs you to bicker, judge others, part ways with your destiny helpers when offended. He needs you to get in your feelings and learn to let them rule you. Why? Because when carnality is deployed, it requires the unsuspecting soul to proudly justify fleshly perspectives while elevating ones own understanding and lofty opinions. Leaving no room for the mandate of Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.”
What the Lord has been doing since 2020 began is the very thing He promised He would do in Haggai 2:7, “I will shake all nations so that the treasures of all the nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,” says the LORD of Armies. Like gold being sifted in a colander. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to separate gold from dirt is through panning. Gold is easily recognizable when panning. By way of shaking profusely back and forth under running water, the gold will sink to the bottom causing it to be separated from the dirt that it was once concealed by.
Just imagine, the most valuable item (human beings) goes low in humility (colander) as they are being shaken (panning) through God’s gentle process all the while being cleansed by His living water. This is what He is doing! Hence, my original statement, those who are putting culture over Kingdom will not be moving forward in this season. They literally can’t for one reason alone. These individuals are unwilling to be examined and humbled through God’s process of maturing even while being shaken.
The only things not being shaken are those certain things which can never be shaken. Our economic and commercial life is being shaken as never before; our political life has suffered, and is suffering; the entertainment industry has realized it was never the bedrock of civilization; marriages that were ran like businesses have been shaken – and of course this general shaking has come into the sphere of religion. Secularism, heresies, sexual immorality and rampant divorce all examples of the shaking within religious institutions. So what is it that scripture emphatically states cannot be shaken?
I understand this post may trigger some portion of the false theology that was taught to you from behind a pulpit that was saturated in “Grace speech” but grossly failed at mentioning that The Lord is He who shall not be trifled with. He has a heart of compassion but His eyes are flames of fire!! This God in whom I am referencing is the One doing the shaking. This is why anything and everything that can be shaken, is being shaken. He’s going for gold!

2 thoughts on “The Shaking | Ciara Leilani

  1. Ciara! Powerful timely Truth! God bless your womb with His precious gift , trust you are feeling the best in pregnancy! Love to you and William, hug each other for us!!!
    Dennis n Alice

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  2. Ciara, you are spot on. I am so glad our paths crossed as you continue to inspire and rightly divide God’s word. I forwarded this in order to share such a rich blessing. Powerful!!

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