Word for Medellín, Colombia | Ciara Leilani

October 25, 2020

I want to release a powerful word the Lord spoke to me this morning concerning Medellín, Colombia in South America. 

“Medellín shall be no more. Medellín shall be no more. The hidden schemes of yesterday will be exposed for all to see. Each endeavor will now be revealed. This country will be free from the radical enterprises that have funneled corrupt money through evil means for far too long. I am going to cleanse this land and these people from the stench of greed. Medellín! Your name has been pronounced this day in my Court and I have released a verdict.

Each one who has profited off the backs of the laymen and farmers will repay. Each organization that has hidden accounts with the profits that have been garnered from death. Hear me, this is your last hoorah! Now I will reverse the curse that has been upon the people of Colombia for the sake of a few. Yes, there are but a small remnant who cry out to me day-and-night for relief and assurance that they will survive. I have heard their cries.

No more trafficking! The bodies and the resources are mine, says the Lord of hosts. You will give an account from high too low. The sickle will go! Corrupt politicians and businessmen who’ve turned a blind eye to these deeds. I shall pluck that eye from you once and for all. You will be left with one in order to see the goodness of the Lord prosper in the land of the living.

To the corrupt entities, your salacious protections will be no more. I have watched as you also turned a blind eye to those travesties that you could have put an end to. Now I AM shall be involved in the complete exposure. Medellín now is your time! The Lord of hosts has spoken.” 


— Ciara Leilani


3 thoughts on “Word for Medellín, Colombia | Ciara Leilani

    1. Thank you for this correction. For translation of any portion of my website, there is a feature on the front page titled “Google Translate.” Simply tap that button and select the language you would prefer to read my website in. That includes Spanish.


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