A Cleansing is Coming | Ciara Leilani

November 7, 2020

This post was originally drafted on November 7, 2020. I was instructed by the Lord to publish today, November 17, 2020. I hear the Lord saying,

“I will tear the cloth from many in the coming days. As it was in the days of Saul, for they did not heed the warnings of my prophets. Now they must find another profession, for the calling upon their lives was not sufficient to fulfill them. No more will there be shepherds who are not shepherds at all. For these men and women have garnered the praises of men more than they loved me. I have decided. I will no longer permit them to wear what is sacred while carrying a persona that is not of me. 

I am coming in like the days of Noah. Do you hear the rain? The rain shall bring forth a cleansing that cannot be mistaken for a casual storm. No! This is my rain and my pain for those who have not heeded my warnings. I am coming to cleanse the earth. I am coming to remind those who have forgotten, that the Lord God almighty is living, breathing, thinking, ever present in the lives of all who I have created. I watch from on high and I look low. Oh what wickedness! What stench! I am coming to cleanse my people and remove those who have forsaken their rightful place. Where are the repented hearts? Why are you celebrating the advancement of a will to kill the unborn? To destroy my church? Haven’t I given you time to repent, says the Lord of hosts? I am appalled and mostly grieved that there is celebration, excitement and ridicule of my prophets. Why? Who has bewitched you into thinking this is my will? Too many have fallen. Too many have fallen and do not yet know it. For the pride of life is where they currently exist, but oh the fall will be great. 

My children, I desire that you all repent for the sake of One. I have sacrificed so much for you. Stop and listen to my heart instead of the heart of the media. Stop and listen to my voice instead of the prognosticators. I am not done with America! It will not be a showdown, for I do not compete with evil. Evil obeys me! I am the Creator of all living things. Even the great deceiver has to obey what I say, therefore why assume this election is over? Haven’t I shown you time and time again that what I desire is honesty, obedience, sacrifice, kindness, peace and most of all love for one another as you have it for me?

I do not agree with the themes that man has created. I have a holy standard. A standard that has been ignored by many of your national leaders. They are not gods. They are not kings. They are not queens. They are fallen men that are unrepented and unwilling to repent with the time I have allotted. Seek me! Seek my counsel! Seek my opinion! Many of you have failed to see what I am doing in this hour simply because you have been deceived, distracted and disturbed. Your peace has been disturbed. Your mind has been troubled and your way of life has been derailed. Do not blame man for COVID-19. This was the plan and scheme of the evil one. The one who will perish alongside oh so many who will never repent.

There is an hour coming that I require of all men. That hour is approaching soon. I have given many so much time and still continue to be patient. How long America? How long must I be patient with defiant men who are unwilling to heed the voice of my Spirit? I will come in an hour that no man knows. I want you with me. I want your heart towards the things that my heart longs for–souls! I will advance those who are willing to leave everything behind just to sit with me. Are you willing?

I grieve for you. I long for you my children. I weep bitterly for you. Do not forsake your first love much longer! Repent and seek my face, for I AM awaits your cry of repentance.”

Ciara Leilani

5 thoughts on “A Cleansing is Coming | Ciara Leilani

  1. Thank you

    ” Do not worry about tommorrow: tommorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own”.[http://gfx2.hotmail.com/mail/w2/emoticons/smile_sarcastic.gif]



  2. Thank you so much for being obedient.. thanks for sharing this. It’s so profoundly said. I was just talking about this very thing. So when i read it. It was confirmation. God bless you and all you do for his kingdom.

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