Pursue The Harvest | Ciara Leilani

February 25, 2021

6:50 p.m.

I hear the Lord saying, “Where there is a Saul, I have a David. Where there is a Delilah, I have a Samson. Where there is Jezebel, I have a Jehu. Where there is a tomb, I have a Mary Magdalene. Never underestimate the Lord thy God and what I am doing in this hour. Those who have moved the needle will cry out, “forgive me Lord!” and I will forgive them. Do not forsake the instruction for every believer is required to love. It is my requirement also known as my command. Do not be mistaken. Satan has taken no new territory in my land. He has merely blinded the masses but I am raising up a company of prophetic giants that will slay the giants in the land. They will run head first towards the Goliaths which plague this great nation. Oh watch says the Lord of hosts! Watch my hand feed my sheep directly with no middleman or handmaiden. I need not those who brag about their titles and giftings. Didn’t I give you those gifts? I will use anyone I please so long as they have given me their undivided heart. I bore all souls and will call forth the ones who’ve been in me from the beginning. Do not be sidetracked by what you see. Each legislative session will have a harvest. Do not grow weary. Pursue the harvest! For it is plenty!”

Ciara Leilani

One thought on “Pursue The Harvest | Ciara Leilani

  1. My faith has brought me to this place the wilderness. I know God is working in ashes for I have left behind a home destroyed. My children are alive and I am so thankful. God has positioned the ground here for new beginnings. Vengeance is the lord god all might. COVID-19 hit by surprise. In March all I could think of was getting family in place. At this place it was prepared for unseen events. I listen to God even when I have no full comprehension of why I get focused to do. I have been working alone. Not anymore for I have seen his work on earth now that says I am not alone.


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