Maricopa County, AZ | Ciara Leilani

August 4, 2021 12:34 AM

“Maricopa County will bring the truth forth. The key resides in the name. For Maricopa resembles coup for a reason. It is all unraveling at my pace for I am the Revealer in this hour. I am not done exposing! Truth! Truth! I call my herald whom has gone forth in the Earth, Truth. For this go round shall reveal great deception on behalf of the elders of the church and those elected to officiate legal matters. You have been found guilty of the highest order. Treason! Treasonous behavior has been found wanting.

Maricopa! Reveal your hand, says the Lord. Reveal what is in your right hand. The hand of judicial and ethical alignments. Those who’ve gotten in the way of truth being exposed have no where to hide now. Where will you hide your face from my reign of terror? I am not done exposing. This will begin a chain of events. Watch! For this is August, the month of great advancements, says the Lord of hosts.”

The Holy Spirit

3 thoughts on “Maricopa County, AZ | Ciara Leilani

  1. Halleluja! I love it when God brings forth the truth! Our courts have become so dishonest, they may try to cover this up & make any charges disappear. But in God’s timing, the evil will be revealed and dealt with.

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  2. TRUTH PREVAILS in the Land of the Free!! Love this word. I pray the body is guarded against discouragement when things are revealed. Praying for all of us to take our eyes off of MAN and keep them on JESUS!

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