The Peach State Prophecy | Ciara Leilani

August 24, 2021


The word of the Lord came to me this afternoon at 1:55 PM saying, 

“Watch for the one from the Peach State. For they will try to make him a martyr of sorts. His legacy was tarnished the day he left My people behind. Many will say he did great things for the United States of America however in the best of days he was a coward. Back room deals and the usurping of power will be exposed. Who will give this man more days to breath in life? For I am the Giver of such a gift. You will see this as a means to change the news cycle narrative. No! For I am pulling the veil even further back for my sheep to see with eyes of horror what their government officials have been really doing. Weight. I have weighed oh so many in the balance and have found them wanting. Now you will see, for the one who is quick to depart from the Peach State will soon be followed by another.”

What are your thoughts?

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