“The Camels are Coming!” | Ciara Leilani

November 15, 2021

Three times I heard “The camels of favor are coming! The camels of favor are coming! The camels of favor are coming!” when I awoke. I then saw a herd of camels coming up a hill in the distance with the horizon of the sun behind them as they marched towards the position I was looking.

Camels in the Bible were a sign of wealth and developing trade routes. Camel from the Hebrew gamal , “to repay” or “requite,” as the camel does the care of its master. Unfortunately there are those who possess a poverty mentality and cannot fathom the Lord God releasing wealth and prosperity to His children in the form of literal riches and in other forms of prosperity, healing, wisdom, mental stability, marriages, open wombs, hope filled mindset and much more.

The Lord makes way to be free from such a mindset and offers a seat at His table—The Master’s table. The camel was early used both for riding and as a beast of burden and in war. Mention is made of the camel among the cattle given by Pharaoh to Abraham. Its flesh was not to be eaten, as it was ranked among unclean animals. Abraham’s servant rode on a camel when he went to fetch a wife for Isaac. Jacob had camels as a portion of his wealth, as Abraham also had. He sent a present of thirty milch camels to his brother Esau. It appears to have been little in use among the Jews after the conquest. It is, however, mentioned in the history of David and after the Exile. Camels were much in use among other nations in the East. The queen of Sheba came with a caravan of camels when she came to see the wisdom of Solomon. Benhadad of Damascus also sent a present to Elisha, “forty camels’ burden”. To show the difficulty in the way of a rich man’s entering into the kingdom, our Lord uses the proverbial expression that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle in Matthew 19:24.

Get ready. Establish your dwellings and set your affairs in order. Remove any and all selfishness, for some a caravan of camels loaded with spices, balm and myrrh, and wealth are on their way.

Ciara Leilani


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