“Not Guilty” | Ciara Leilani

November 23, 2021 10:10 AM  


And the Lord says, “There will be another not guilty verdict soon that will send shockwaves through the land of America. For many will say this has been the hand of God while others will say the evil system is being exposed. I say I am still exposing hearts and shaking places of contentment that ought not be. There are many who believe the lies are the truth and the truth are lies. This is not so. I must reveal the hearts of men to men. How else will they know? Look for the guilty verdict to be overturned and for the not guilty verdict. Oh so many of my people are perishing for a lack of knowledge. They’ve been taught wrongly and it is now the time to correct the error. They will scream and shout, “it is the wrong verdict! Guilty! Guilty!Woe to those who judge before it’s time to judge. For I sit high above the Earth and I look low. This is neither the hour nor the season to judge incorrectly. Take your emotions and bring them to My storehouse. Build yourselves a sanctuary by which your flesh may be crucified upon. Then I will hear your cry without the stench of haughtiness or defamation. I am listening and waiting for your true cries of repentance O dear children. Repent while there is still time.”


Ciara Leilani

One thought on ““Not Guilty” | Ciara Leilani

  1. This is an encouraging message. We’ve begun to witness a bit of turning back to God, and seeing unexpected triumphs in our courts. Hallelujah!

    I’ll be praying for sure that God will give us yet another chance to rise up and return to His will.

    God bless!


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