What’s Missing in America, guns or God?

Some argue we don’t have enough guns while some scream there are too many. Some say we don’t have enough of God in every fabric of society while others whisper, He’s omnipotent of course He is in every fabric of society. So what’s missing in America?

It’s been three days since the massacre of the innocent in Uvalde, Texas. My husband and I are devastated by the events at Robb Elementary School. We also understand the challenges many families face as they try to navigate tragedies in the news with their children. Navigating tragic events is never easy but we by nature are resilient people. We have been forged through some of the most difficult of circumstances.

Since our nation began reeling from the tragic events that occurred in Texas this week, those who would prefer to score political points over compassion have surfaced. When horrendous events like these occur, it not only leaves us shaken and mired in disbelief, but it becomes impossible to shield our children from the full reality and emotional impact of such senseless violence and loss of life. The fact that young children were among the victims makes it more difficult to process, much less discuss with our own children. For this reason, as parents, we have chosen not to just pray for our toddler son, but also of those who have been left behind and are grieving their siblings or friends tragic deaths.

There are several issues at stake here but none superseding the sin issue in America. Very few will agree with this position because sin is rarely addressed where it should be, at home with godly parents and in church with unashamed Pastors. Politicians will debate. Parents will teach and grieve. Communities will unite with passion and resolve. Let’s pay attention to what we are uniting behind.

Sin is is described in the Bible as transgression of the law of God (1 John 3:4) and rebellion against God (Deuteronomy 9:7; Joshua 1:18).

Sin found its genesis in the heart of Satan and ultimately in mankind. This is what separated mankind from God at the beginning of our relationship.

This is a thoughtful post and not one seeking points on a political scorecard. A godless nation raises and produced godless generations. This generation has had one of the worst upbringings in decades. When we combine the influence of mainstream media, psychedelic drugs, and godless teachers, this concoction has left the minds of children – like the Uvalde shooter in a state of demonic influence. Where there is an absence of God, there is a destructive presence of sin.

We are witnessing a generation of children who have no identity, have become godless and do not have a healthy fear of the Lord. Partly because it has not been modeled. The last two decades has produced one of the largest fatherless generations in America’s history. See my post on Fatherlessness here:


Sin comes from evil. We as a nation have kicked God out of every area of mankind— marriage (one man and one woman), family (structure of honor), education (prayer in schools), church/ministry (progressive teachings, sexual immorality, corruption), laws (removing declarations of trust in God, corruption, deception). Evil exists. Evil hunts for opportunities to infect humans. Humans infected and overpowered by evil do horrible things.

Marriage reflects the life of Christ because it is God’s instrument of holy, selfless and sacrificial living. Children are joyfully celebrated as a sacred gift of God throughout Scripture.

There is an empty secular alternative to God. Americans have been trying to replace religion with secularism for decades. A methodical movement to remove God from every area sector of society was the sowing and on a daily basis we see the reaping of those efforts. Desperate attempts to swap the Holy Spirit for paid mediums have continued to fail the seeking soul. Many well meaning searching for answers via enneagram and modern psychology have produced empty souls desperately searching for purpose and meaning.

To be clear: I’m not arguing for the converse. Psychology and mental health disciplines are desperately needed – but alone, they are inadequate. I’m a soldier’s wife and a daughter of a Veteran. We intimately know the importance of proper mental health.

John Calvin once wrote, “A man cannot know God without knowing himself.” Self-awareness and self understanding are critical to navigating all relationships, and this includes our real relationship with God. He created each and every person alive with purpose. Post pandemic so many people are still searching for that purpose but now with a deeper darkness than before. Humans need a sense of being alive. This is what is missing in the current generation. An identity in Christ cannot just be taught, it has to be modeled. In Christ, we are reborn, forgiven, empowered, become innocent and equipped.

God warned us in the first of the Ten Commandments: “You shall have no other gods before me.” Today, throughout the Western world, people reject this warning. Far too many people behave as though they have become gods in redefining their sexuality, their right to be addicts, and their right to harm themselves and others. A godless world is a dangerous jungle filled with predators and victims.

Some have said, Americans have become excessively prideful. There is a healthy means of being proud and then there is the abomination that kills. Pride is a belief that you are beyond the laws of God and of nature which unquestionably attracts a spirit of vengeance. Vengeance wants to inflict retribution upon arrogance and causes powerful humans to fall from great heights to great depths. Pride also breeds extremism. Antisemitism a form of that and is rising rampantly throughout the world. The senseless violence against the Jewish people is endless and rooted in pride.

If we want to see an abrupt change to the death and decay we’ve grown accustomed to here in America, we need to bring back Godly set of values and ideas that the current establishment will find frightening and totally unacceptable. God is never going to relinquish that which He created with His own hands. As believers in Jesus Christ, we can be sure,

The Lord will accomplish that which concerns me; Your [unwavering] lovingkindness, O Lord, endures forever— Do not abandon the works of Your own hands.” Psalm 138:8

At the top of the debate right now is gun control. Yesterday it was Abortion rights which is simply a polite way of saying, some Americans want their government providing legal right to murder the unborn. The cycles of debates and destructive public dialogue is increasingly polarized.

What’s striking with these two topics is they both deal with children right now. The very innocence the Lord exclaimed should not be touched or harmed.

Guns have always been the topic of discussion for those who despise the mere idea that possessing them in the United States of America is a constitutional right. Much like voting or speaking. Most people who’ve gone on to massacre the innocent were void of hope, filled with demonic influence and manifesting the heart of Satan. These people did not go on shooting sprees for no absolute reason. Each one has a very dark and diabolical reason seeded one their godless souls. They were filled with hatred, rage and blinded by murder. The answer here still isn’t gun control or altering the very strict gun laws in America. The answer is spiritual revival and an abrupt upturn to traditional values that were ordained by the Holy Spirit.

Leah Libresco is a statistician and former newswriter at FiveThirtyEight authored a brilliant research paper after gun deaths, and gun-control policies frustrated her. Read her article here titled, “I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.”


American culture has become a godless evil culture partly because of the leadership and new policies. Americans need a positive culture with a reverential fear of God. There are wicked globalist who are meeting to advance ideas that would place enormous authority in fewer hands. This isn’t God’s plan for humanity.

While there has been a mass shooting in Texas, multiple other locations are grieving the loss of their youth from suicide, drug overdoses, and senseless murdering of each other. Others are grieving the sudden sexual confusion that’s been the result of perverted indoctrination by public educators.

Children and their innocence are at a concerted targeting by Satan himself like a stealth mercenary. Wherever there is murder— the shedding of innocent blood, there is a demonic altar. These altars need to be torn down and a Holy altar and sanctuary must be erected in honor of the name of Jesus.

I believe in the God of miracles! The same way He freed the Jewish people from the oppressive regime of Pharaoh, He will also free this nation. The veins of this nation must once again permit the Blood of Jesus to run through them. His life must once again run through our veins as a nation. He is The God of miracles who does the impossible. America shall be saved by fervent prayer, sincere humbling and steadfast fasting.

Jesus Christ is the risen One. America belongs to Him!


One thought on “What’s Missing in America, guns or God?

  1. My heart is breaking today and your written words were just what I was feeling but had no energy to share or place into complete thoughts. My spirit lines up with what you articulated so perfectly. This isn’t about just the Texas shootings, it is about the sin of our country. There are so many issues to be grieved and the Gospel must be shared. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and obediently declaring this need! God bless!
    Janie Wicker

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