5783– The Year to Speak

The Lord says, 

“In the year 5783, I am doing a brand new thing for my bride. My bride who has waited for me to come will receive such a new revelation of me. As you long for more of what is right, you will receive much more of me. I will have the new wine and the new bread for those who seek my intimacy. This new level of wine will activate the new and fresh oil that I am releasing into the Earth. Countless of souls are coming home to me in this new year. Oh yes! They are coming back to me as I have been drawing them through adversity and hardship. Many are frail, weak, and exhausted. Go, my bride! Rescue those who you see as once yourselves. Go and refresh the weary travelers that lost their way but are returning to their Kinsman Redeemer! Water their troughs and feed their hunger. Judge no more for this is bringing such anguish to many in this new year. There will be major recompense for what has been sowed. Sowing equal shared is key. Sow according to My will not your lust. Watch my dividend pay off big! I always sow where my Spirit will reap the reward for my name is great and will be seen all throughout the land. Yes, I said seen for this is an hour where my genuine power and love for souls will be felt even in deep covens of angst. I am going to show the many who believe I am not present what My Presence is. My grace has not felt challenged for I understand the ignorance of the minds of men. I simply must reveal to those who continue to lust for power, without my grace power will ruin you and the generations from you. 

Wait for me in the days ahead. Do not get ahead of me for many will want to do the same things they did with me last year and the years prior. No! I am doing a new thing! I am showing a new way and that is my way. Many have misunderstood my will and my ways. Now is the time I will reveal to them how I see, how I move, and how I feel. I feel greatly for those lost and afraid. Many have withstood my drawing but in this new hour I am raising up a new breed of Evangelists, and new Teachers. They will make it plain and easy for the Shepherds. The anxiety of many will crumble at the mention of my name. The power of the adversary will fizzle out in places it once had a stronghold. I am doing this to reveal to the minds of men that I am madly in love with my creation. I do not discard the frail or the weak so easily. Only the proud. 

Genesis is happening now. The new road is already established in the wilderness and those who have been equipping their inner-man with my Word and my Wisdom will find it easy to travel. They will not go in the opposite direction nor take breaks when I am encouraging a greater pace. I want my Shepherds to release to me their pulpits. I want to establish a new beginning for them with fresh fresh water! I have re-dug old wells for their drinking pleasure. They will rise in hours they have not risen in times past. They will find sing from a place of joy that they have not yet tasted. Shepherds arise to your new place of alignment. Shepherds, my flock is frail and my sheep are lonely. Speak to them with compassion. Speak to them like a loving father with eyes filled with love. I have this one desire, that you would look, sound, and behave just like me. I will show you how to Shepherd the flock in my manner if you will allow me to. I will set an appointment with you daily and train you. I will heal old wounds and give you new strength for the journey. I will heal your families that have suffered as a result of your sacrifice. Trust in me Shepherds, this is the hour that you will rise to be seen and not just heard. 

There is a new Prophet arising in this hour. This Prophet has been still, silent, and gleaning patiently in the secret place. These ones will burn a blaze that cannot be easily approached or ignored. I have been kindling this fire for some time and will ignite them further. The world tried to cause these ones to hide, run and fear for their lives but I rescued them. I restored them in the hiding and will now place them out front. I want them to unite with you Shepherds. For this will be the hour of powerful agreements between the Shepherds (pastors) and the Prophets. Yield to my will! Yield and see my plans prosper. 

5783 is a year of exponential territory extraction. I am removing some placards and replacing them with new ones. I am changing the name on deeds with new ones. I have resurrected the title of ownership and will pass it on to the legacy recipients. I will remember some no more while I activate others. There has been a significant shift, shaking, and sifting during the last two years. Now begins the new level of my approval. Watch! Watch for the ones many have never heard of emerging and rising out of nowhere. This will be my doing. Ask me Shepherds and I will confirm them. Let the Prophets speak! For this is the decade of PEY. Emerging ones will be fierce and have no reverence for the tolerant ones. I have waited long enough and now is the time for the spoken word to be released and heard again. Now is the time for the spoken word to move in demonstration and power. Release your noise! Let it rise! Going into the days ahead, I will draw men into my chambers to sit and hear the Council of Heaven. Some will begin to speak of hearing Angel choirs singing new songs while others will hear the verdicts associated with specific matters in the Courts of Heaven. Speak! Ring in the new year with your voices! Speak my children! Speak! 

Walls are coming down all around you. In these last days, your enemy has erected many many idols of himself. All of these idols and strongholds are coming down with the blasts of your trumpets! Sing a new song. Dance a new dance and speak the words of the living God then watch every Jericho type fall to the ground. For nothing can stop what I have already started. Revival is here.”

Ciara Leilani

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