December 6, 2022 | Ciara Leilani

In the late hours, the Lord began to say and show me the following,


The Lord is preserving Josh Hawley for His purposes. He will be used like a “Josiah” to raise this nation after all the exposure has been completed. 


The preservation of evidence has been established in the heavenlies. Many wicked and corrupt individuals planned and are planning to destroy evidence that is associated with the injustices done to this country and individuals held unjustly. The Lord has preserved the evidence. 


The United States Army will give an account to the Lord first then the Earth for all the lives they shattered. 


Ron DeSantis is a young bull from a similar line as Donald Trump. They possess the same anointing just different levels. They both have the same gift from The Lord and will both be used to tear down what others cannot fathom and build up what is only revealed.


There are two more breakthroughs in medical technology that will come forth in the year (2023) and years ahead. Their entire purpose for coming forth is simply to disrupt the plans of the enemy. The medical breakthroughs will have origins from unlikely places.


  • There is a joint effort amongst some Democrats, and Republicans to subvert the United These are corrupt men with power, and a personal desire for more than what they already have. But the Lord says,

I’ve created this constitution from my own breath. I gave it to mortal men. Therefore, this document is not just a singular document. They continue to throw their fist against that which I protect with my own hands. Watch! watch in the coming days how many will begin to learn truth about your nation’s history for I am birthing a revival of love not just for your fellow man but for this country. I am re-establishing the Wells of Ingenuity and prosperity for my people. For the land is mine and I will give it to whomever I please. I will now take from those who did not honor me with what I gave to them and give it to the ones that are ready. Oh now comes the great shift! Pivot! Pivot! Stand ready at attention, for the inspection has come.” 


While listening to the Lord I would breakout in spontaneous worship! Then at one point I saw an Angel seated with a large cello while playing the instrument. The song that bursted out of me was “You Are Great” by Juanita Bynum. 



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