2023 – A Word Concerning the New Year

January 1, 2023

The body of Christ is going to have a divine makeover in 2023. The glamour, the outfits and makeup will appear different for some. Others are getting an upgrade to their identities. From royal garb to sackcloth, makeup to ashes and old wine skin to new. Some who are spiritually barren will begin to produce the greatest fruit for more to consume.

God is bringing out of hiding those who lasted through one of the most severe and lasting tests of character. Self-will, is going to be on the scales at the top of the year. Why the top? Because the Lord is no longer allowing words to claim that He matters and is “Lord” while the deeds say otherwise. There are some who will remain in the shadows. It’s His doing. Don’t rush your process. Some still are not ready. Maturity is a gift worth waiting on. 

The shift that many have been waiting for is now upon them! From weary travelers to traveling on rockets. There are going to be new destinations set before them because of their inability to grow weary while waiting on the Lord. He saw they never gave up. 

Even though there is great evidence against some, the blood of Jesus has testified and the cases against those who were unsuspecting has been thrown out. It was and always is His mercy that triumphs over satan’s judgment. 

The lost who are refusing to yield will fall deeper into blindness and even forms of torment. For the soul of man was never designed to be independent of its Creator. He wants all of the ones He formed in His image to choose him but not all will. This will be evident in public not just in private. 

Sudden shifts! I saw sudden shifts to places and in postures that days or hours prior was not. He is going to do rapid advancements in the homes of those who will leave everything behind for Him. It will seem very inappropriate for some how wealthy they’ve become but it is simply the favor of the Lord that they’ve suddenly acquired. This wealth comes with gratitude from The Father. 

Some will have to wash in new pools. Like the man who had leprosy, the willingness to yield will bring incredible dividends that will last into generations. Pride will remain in some but for those who will yield, there will be immediate immediate recompense. 

Ciara Leilani

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