Warning to the Body of Christ | May 16, 2023

May 16, 2023 at 12:47 AM

This is the word of the Lord.

“Federal agencies are going to crumble.  They have not been lawful in nature nor have they been properly managed. For I am for Freedom and Liberty always. Not having the ability to taste either is of the Antichrist spirit. 

[Wages of war

This current Administration has established a new system allowing the wars that they wage to be the catalyst for new payments and systems of wealth. I AM sees. They behave as though I am not watching nor listening. I am doing both. For when I react to the wicked corruption, I will indeed show the world that I loathe liars. They are all liars. 

mRNA will be sprayed upon the food sources via a crop duster. 

Hereditary sins are becoming the norm again. Gone are the days of individual repentance. Hereditary such as the lies of a father being passed onward. 

Forgive everyone all of the time. Freeing people through this ancient principle is key. Just forgive them and yourself. Begin your life with more praise. You will see a radical difference. 

The CDC has been responsible but has not held itself in contempt. I will do this for them. 

Say farewell to the old way of living and thinking. The freedoms that have been stripped will be restored. The ideas will be tried out for something new but I will put a stop to the new one.

Manage your affairs well. The time has come for my people to exit Egypt. It is not sickness nor disease that is coming first. It is famine. That will be upon this nation (America) first. They have destroyed the food source with envy and jealousy. The ideas have been exposed. Famine will bring many to their knees. It will be the catalyst for many salvations. 

I am especially warning my people who have ears to hear. Get your house in order!”

Ciara Leilani

4 thoughts on “Warning to the Body of Christ | May 16, 2023

  1. If they spray mRNA on the food it won’t do any good. It will break down first. I used to work with RNA and I had to keep it on ice all the time just to preserve it halfway. It degrades rapidly at room temperature. If they modify it so it does not break down then that’s a different issue. Bottom line is we wash all our food before we eat it

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