Are you a Dreamer?

January 6, 2017

by: Ciara Leilani

Dreaming has always been a means by which the unseen lends itself to the natural. Are you a dreamer? Do you wake up trying to remember the details of your dreams or are you someone who remembers each and every detail of it? I personally am not a dreamer. I can have one or two at a time or perhaps none that I recall, but when the Lord is getting a message to me I remember every single details clearly. I’ve thought to myself, now why is that Lord? Why are you permitting me to remember these details but no others? The answer was simply given just as simply as it was asked, “The details you remember are the messages God is delivering to you for pondering and action.” Dreams have always been a mode of transportation for communication. Now before you get spooked and think I’m writing on behalf of the Illuminate or the New Age Movement, please go to your nearest Bible pick it up and open it. You will find countless of “Dreamers” mentioned in the Bible. In fact, dreams are nothing more than visions of the night. So when one is mentioned biblically as having entered into a vision and it was daytime this would be considered a dream had it been at night. So if dreams are modes of transportation for communication that leads to my next question, who is it that is doing the communication?

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