The Wind Chimes of Heaven

Do you hear them? The Wind Chimes of Heaven are declaring their notice as the Winds of Change are here. The direction of the Wind has rapidly shifted causing the chimes to accelerate in their rhythm. On a warm afternoon, leaning back in a reclining chair these chimes would sound like a mystical blessings. Blow! Blow! Blow! The Winds of Change are blowing down and blowing forth. They’re blowing the covers off of the elite secret societies, governmental cover-ups and the temporary shelters God’s children have been residing in. They’re sending forth a message of change. Heaven is getting a message to those who can hear the wind chimes.  Continue reading “The Wind Chimes of Heaven”


October 31, 2016

by: Ciara Leilani

This morning in my prayer time, I decided to ask the Lord several questions that I sincerely wanted answers for. One of them was strikingly different from all of the rest, however I felt a peace in my heart when asking him this question. What you are about to read is my dialogue with the Lord about Halloween.

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