Heather Sanford

Hartwell, Georgia

I met Ciara a little over a year ago. I was very drawn to her love of the Lord, and the fire that I saw burning in her for the kingdom of God. I believe that God wove us together for all the battles that were to come. I have been impacted by this woman of God in many ways, from her Deliverance Ministry, her nuggets from God, the knowledge and wisdom she has of the Word of God, but this last year it has been her faithfulness to pray for me and my family. My husband was almost killed in a car accident December 2014, it was the prayers of brothers and sisters in Christ that I am certain sustained his life. One of them being Ciara. She spoke life over my husband’s body and healing and miracles where performed through Christ our Lord! She has consistently prayed and poured into my children and I. I’ve seen my family restored from drug addiction and all satan thought he’d continue to steal from us.
Ciara speaks truth with a touch of tough love that lines up with the Word of God. She then seals it with encouragement for the journey she see’s God is about to embark you on. She is a beautiful princess of the Most High King, but has the fierceness of the Lion of Judah. Ciara is a faithful servant-leader of the Army of God, whom I believe has been entrusted with much. I am honored that God so intentionally crossed our paths and I’m blessed beyond words to call her my sister in Christ.