Judy Anderson

Columbus, Georgia

Many have joined the forces to win the fight of a lifetime, but very few have successfully lived the Gospel they represent. More than once, Ciara has been the good Samaritan God’s Word makes mention of. She exhibits the character we must produce to be a real Christian. She moves mountains with her faith in the spirit realm. Faith that’s been strengthened by the God she serves, Jesus Christ.

I was moving into my apartment from a year and a half living in a Church Sunday school room when one call from Ciara came in. I was in shock when she arrived in a huge truck with four friends from Atlanta to bring me household gifts that took me from nothing to everything. I needed to have a beautifully furnished apartment and by way of her leadership, it was provided. Ciara truly lives what she preaches.  I now have a spiritual daughter that I will always cherish. Thank God for my beautiful Ciara.