Kimberly O’Brian

Colbert, Georgia
In June 2015, God arranged a timely meeting for Ciara and I. He knew I was weary and in need of encouragement, so one evening Ciara spoke prophetically over me confirming the call He had on my life. She also shared her testimony with me, which further confirmed that this meeting was perfectly timed. Ciara had no way of knowing that my own daughter, a child of God, was professing to be a lesbian. He used Ciara as a willing vessel to reach me in a way no one else could reach me. She has spoken priceless words of wisdom into my life and continues to minister to me through thought-provoking, inspirational and bold posts on social media.
Ciara has become a dear friend and I can honestly say that her life is fully and absolutely dedicated to the Lord. She hears His voice and obeys without question. She is steadfast and stands firm regardless of the cost. She displays immeasurable strength and courage. I am so grateful for her role in my life and have learned from her what it means to truly follow Jesus.